Kevin Ball
"Sonic Motion and Heaviness in Black Media"
Advisor: Chera Kee

Erin Bell
"Words [Don’t Always] Fail Me: Contemplating the Complexities of Gender and Genre in American Short Fiction by Women"
Advisor: renee hoogland

Joseph Lewis
"Blackness and the Rhetoric of Racism in the University of Cape Town’s Rhodes Must Fall Movement and the University of Missouri’s Concerned Student 1950 Movement"
Advisor: Richard Marback

Eric Abbey
"Distillation of Sound: Dub in Jamaica and the Creation of Culture"
Advisor: Steve Shaviro

Nabilah Khachab
"Enfreakment: Bodies as Spectacle in Children’s and Young Adult Fiction "
Advisor: Lisa Maruca

Shawn Cooper
"Chivalry and Governance in Maolry’s Le Morte Darthur and Tennyson’s Idylls of the King "
Advisor: Caroline Maun

Marcus Merritt
"The Center of All Beauty: Radical Democracy and Critical Knowledge of the Poetic Subject in 20th-Century American Poetry"
Advisor: Barrett Watten

Brad Flis
"Border Ends: Anti-Imperialism, Settler Colonialism, and the Mexican Revolution in U. S. Modernism"
Advisor: Barrett Watten

Melinda Myers
"Democratic Communication: Lessons from the Flint Water Crisis"
Advisor: Richard Marback

Elizabeth Acosta
"Gender, Geography, and Alterity in Shakespeare"
Advisor: Ken Jackson

Kemael Johnson
"Ambivalent Subversive Narratives: John Thewall, Mary Prince, and John Clare"
Advisor: Michael Scrivener

Vytautas Malesh
"Blue to BDU: The Five Canons of Rhetoric and the Text of the Police Uniform"
Advisor: Frances Ranney

Peter Marra
"Queer Slashers"
Advisors: Chera Kee and Steven Shaviro

Katrina Newsom
"Toward a Theory of Work: Personal Responsibility, Self-Regulation, and Identity in the Age of America's Work C"
Advisor: Frances Ranney



Reema Barlaskar
"Servant Voices and Tales in the British Gothic Novel, 1764-1847."
Advisor: Michael Scrivener

Lisa Kanniainen
""Strange Lands of Opportunity"--Representations of Moral, Social, and Economic Profit in Late Medieval and Early Modern Literature."
Advisor: Jaime Goodrich

Chinmayi Kattemalavadi
"(An) Unsettled Commons: Narrative and Trauma After 911"
Advisor: Jonathan Flatley

Judith Lakämper
"Affective Dissonance: (Post)Feminism and Popular Cultural Expressions of Motherhood"
Advisor: renée hoogland

Renuka Uthappa
"This is Us Saying Who We Are:  Speaking the Rhetoric of Mental Disability."
Advisor: Richard Marback



Alisa Allkins
"After the Clinic: Gendered Pathology in Modernist Literature"
Advisor: Barrett Watten

Marie Buck
"Weird Propaganda: Texts of the Black Power and Women's Liberation Movements"
Advisor: Jonathan Flatley

Wendy Duprey
"Reconceptualizing the Construct of the Individual Writer in Composition Studies: A Felt Life Model of Writing"
Advisor: Ellen Barton

Vincent Haddad
"Novelistic Intimacies: Reading and Writing in the Late Age of Print"
Advisor: renée hoogland

Mary Karcher
"Memes, ARGs and Viral Videos: Spreadable Media, Participatory Culture, and Composition Pedagogy"
Advisor: Francie Ranney

Amy Latawiec
"Self-Directed Learning and the Development of Self-Efficacy in Basic Writing"
Advisor: Gwen Gorzelsky

Theresa Lindsey
"Rethinking the Mulatto Character and National Identity: 1865 and Beyond in African American and Brazilian Literature"
Advisor: Melba Boyd

Joseph Paszek
"The Role of Enculturation in Student Writing-Related Beliefs, Values, and the Potential for Transfer"
Advisor: Gwen Gorzelsky

Derek Risse
"Politics and Pedagogy:  Recuperating Rhetoric and Composition's Native Ethical Tradition"
Advisor: Jeff Pruchnic

Masahiko Seki
"Time in American High Modernism:  Reading Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and Faulkner"
Advisor: Caroline Maun

Jule Thomas
"The Role of Explicit Genre Pedagogy and Genre Awareness:  Investigating Student Perceptions of Instructor Feedback in Intermediate Composition"
Advisor: Ellen Barton

Luke Thominet
"Emerging Genres of Online Technical Communication"
Advisor: Jeff Pruchnic 

Nicole Varty
"Ecological Awareness: Enacting an Ecological Composition Curriculum to Encourage Student Knowledge Transfer"
Advisor: Jeff Pruchnic 

Adam Yerima
"Saving Innocents: Tracing the Human Monster Hunter's Hetero-Normative Agenda from the 1970s to Today"
Advisor: Chera Kee


Matt Cicci
"Turning the Page: Fandoms, Multimodality, and the Transformation of the 'Comic Book' Superhero"
Advisor: Chera Kee

Wilkie Collins
"Chivalric Lieux de Mémoire: Nostalgia, Communal Memory, and the Burden of Historical Consciousness in Sir Thomas Malory's Morte Darthur"
Advisor: Elizabeth Sklar

Michael McGinnis
"Public Subjects: Wayne State, Institutional Texts, and Public Rhetoric"
Advisor: Ellen Barton

Cindy Mooty-Hoffmann
"A Recursive Service Learning Program: Empowering Students of Color Traveling Within Community Borders"
Advisors: Jeff Pruchnic and Gwen Gorzelsky

Shandi Wagner
"Sowing Seeds of Subversion: Nineteenth-Century British Women Writers' Subversive use of Fairy Tales and Folklore"
Advisor: Michael Scrivener

Clay Walker
"Literacy Potentials:  Agency, Embodiment, and Hybridity in Cézar Chávez's Discourse Practices"
Advisor: Gwen Gorzelsky

Ashley Whitmore
"'Life is a Luminous Halo':  Gender and Androgynous Time in Virginia Woolf"
Advisor: Anca Vlasopolos


Jane Asher
"Undermining the Angelic Restrictions of First-Wave Feminism: What the New Woman Did, Didn't, and Wouldn't Do"
Advisor: Anca Vlasopolos

Mark Brown
"In Particularity We Trust:  Richard Dutcher's Mormon Quartet and a Latter-Day Saint Spiritual Film Style"
Advisor: Steven Shaviro

Ruth Clayman
"Re-Imagining Invention (Post)Pedagogy from Ulmer's Electracy to Design"
Advisor: Richard Marback

Christopher Giroux
"The Traumatized/Traumatizing Subject in Anna Deveare Smith, Suzan-Lori Parks, and August Wilson"
Advisor: Lisa Ze-Winters

Jenna Gerds
"Sex, Labor, and the American Way: Detroit Aesthetic in Mid-Twentieth-Century Literature"
Advisor: Barrett Watten

Adrienne Jankens
"Responsive Classroom Ecologies: Supporting Inquiry and Rhetorical Awareness in College Writing Courses"
Advisor: Gwen Gorzelsky

Jason Kahler
"Technologically-Mediated Writing in the First-Year Writing Classroom: Twitter and Immediate Writing"
Advisor: Richard Marback

Conor Shaw-Draves
“Commedia: Rhetoric and Technology in the Media Commons”
Advisor: Jeff Pruchnic

Andie Silva
"Marketing Good Taste: Print Agents' Use of Paratext to Shape Markest and Readers in Early Modern England"
Advisor: Simone Chess

Shashi Thandra
"Annihilation and Accumulation: Postcolonial Literatures of Genocide and Capital"
Advisor: Robert Aguirre


Renuka Gusain
“On Beauty and Ethics in Shakespeare and His Contemporaries”
Advisor: Ken Jackson

Abigail Heiniger
"Jane Eyre And Her Transatlantic Literary Descendants: The Heroic Female Bildungsroman And Constructions of National Identity"
Advisor: Anca Vlasopolos

Mike Ristich
"Without Content: Rhetoric, American Anarchism, And the End(s) of Radical Politics"
Advisor: Jeff Pruchnic

Michael Schmidt
"The Materialism of the Encounter: Queer Sociality and Capital in Modern Literature"
Advisor: Barrett Watten

Crystal Starkey
"A Cognitively Enabling Approach: Cognitive Diversity in Composition Studies"
Advisor: Jeff Pruchnic

Andrew O. Winckles
"Drawn Out in Love: Religious Experience, The Public Sphere, and Evangelical Lay Women's Writing in Eighteenth Century England"
Advisor: Michael Scrivener


Jill Darling
"Writing the Self: Feminist Experiment And Cultural Identity"
Advisor: Barrett Watten

Andrew Geddes Engel
"Flickering Cities: Multimedia City Fabrics and the Changing Nature of Citizenship"
Advisor: Richard Marback

Michael Thomas Martin
“Hallowed Ground: Literature And the Encounter with God in Post-Reformation England, c. 1550-1704”
Advisor: Ken Jackson

Justin Remeselnick
"Motion(less) Pictures: The Cinema of Stasis"
Advisor: Kirsten Thompson

Sara Ruddy
"This Fact Which is Not One: Differential Poetics in Transatlantic American Modernism"
Advisor: Barrett Watten

Hilary Sarat-St. Peter
"Wired & Dangerous: Hacks, Hair Extensions and Other Twists on Traditional Technical Communications"
Advisor: Frances Ranney

Denise Yezbick
"Faith and (Un)Certainty in the Writing of Stowe, Hawthorne, and Dickinson: The Intersecting Language of Theology and Feminism"
Advisor: Ross Pudaloff


Emine Selmin Kara
“Reassembling Documentary: From Actuality to Virtuality”
Advisor:  Richard Grusin

Kimberly Lacey
“Making Memory: Techne, Technology, and the Refashioning of Contemporary Memory”
Advisor: Richard Marback 

Jill Morris
“Gender and Race, Online Communities and Composition Classrooms”
Advisor:  Richard Marback


Victoria Abboud
‘Eve’s Apples’: Growing Ladies in the Brontëan Sublime, 1826-1853
Advisor:  Anca Vlasopolos

Sarah Delahousse
“Female Detectives, Female Criminals: An Examination of Crime, Modernity and the New Woman in Early French and American Crime Films in the U.S. During the 1910s”
Advisor:  Robert Burgoyne

Laura Ann Estill
“The Circulation and Recontextualization of Dramatic Excerpts in Seventeenth-Century English Manuscripts”
Advisor:  Ken Jackson

Tara Hayes
“Jonson and Women”
Advisor: Arthur F. Marotti

Cara Kozma
“Thinking Globally, Writing Locally: Re-Visioning Critical and Service Learning Pedagogies with Globalization Theory”
Advisor: Gwen Gorzelsky

Kyoung Hee Lee
 “Staging Witchcraft: The Elizabethan and Jacobean Dramatic Appropriation of The Witch-Lore and Witch-Hunt”
Advisor:  Arthur Marotti

Erik Marshall
“Distributed Cinema: Interactive, Networked Spectatorship in the Age of Digital Media”
Advisor: Robert Burgoyne

Anne Nichols
“Woman’s Sphere in the Law of God”: Biblical Women and Domesticity in the Writings of Felicia Hemans, Grace Aguilar, Harriet Beech Stowe, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Advisor:  Michael Scrivener

Thomas Trimble
"Rhetorical Outcomes: A Genre Analysis of Student Service-Learning Writing"
Advisor:  Gwen Gorzelsky

Sandy Valensky
Composition Under Review: A Genre Analysis of Book Reviews in Composition Journals, 1939-2007
Advisor: Ellen Barton

Justin Vidovic
Teaching with Spirit: Freire, Dialogue and Spiritual Discourse in the Composition Classroom”
Advisor:  Gwen Gorzelsky

Nicole L. Wilson
“From Baby Formula to Solid Food: How the Influence of Media has Nourished Children’s Literature”
Advisor:  John Reed


Ellesia Blaque
“Imagined Identities: Adapting White Imaginings of Black Female Identity in African American Literature before the Renaissance”
Advisor:  Renata Wasserman

Sarah Burcon 
“Re-remembering the Past: Feminist Storytelling Appropriations in the Fiction of Eudora Welty, Gayl Jones, Julia Alvarez and Octavia Butler”
Advisor: Ross Pudaloff

Kim Davis 
“Personal Writing, Academic Writing, and Critical Pedagogy in the Community-Based Classroom”
Advisor:  Gwen Gorzelsky

Jonathan Brown Gillham
“The Laugh of the Oppressed Creature:  Early Twentieth Century American Magazine Humor as Affective Adaptation to Modernity”
Advisor: Richard Grusin

Gregory Lattanzio
“Fictive Systems: Interfaces in the Postmodernist Avant-Garde”
Advisor:  Barrett Watten

Carrie E. Nartker
 “Gender, Sexuality, and Masquerade: Representations of Masculinity and Femininity in Restoration Breeches Dramas”
Advisor:  Ken Jackson

April Pitts
“Democracy and Dystopia in Post-Watergate American Fiction”
Advisor:  Barrett Watten

Justin Prystash
 “Time’s Menagerie: Evolutions in Victorian Sex and Subjectivity”
Advisor:  Robert Aguirre













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