Active Research Grants


2015             Supplement Grant: Purchase of a Nano-LC System                                Guo - P.I. 

                     NIH (1R01GM090270-06S)


2014-2019    Metabolic Engineering of Cancer for Selective Immunotargeting             Guo - P.I. 

                     NIH (2R01CA095142-11)


2014-2018    New Methods to Access GPI-Anchored Proteins and Study                    Guo - P.I. 

                     GPI-Anchored Proteomics

                     NIH (1R01GM090270-05)


2013-2016    Paul Schaap Endowed Faculty Scholarship                                             Guo - P.I. 


Completed Research Projects


2011-2014    Synthesis and Applications of Fluorescent GPI Conjugates                     Guo - P.I. 

                     NSF (CHE-1053848)


2009-2013    Novel Approaches to Access GPIs and GPI-Anchored Proteins              Guo - P.I. 

                     for the Study of GPI Anchorage

                     NIH (1R01GM090270-01)


2008-2012    Metabolic Engineering of Cancer for Selective Immunotargeting             Guo - P.I. 

                     NIH (2R01CA095142-06)


2009-2012    MRI: Acquisition of an Analytical Field Emission Scanning                      Guo - co-P.I.

                     Electron Microscope for Research and Teaching                                      (PI: Coleman)       

                     NSF (DMR-0922912)                                                       


2009-2012    Acquisition of a Cyber-Enabled 600 MHz NMR Spectrometer                  Guo - co-P.I.

                     for Research and Teaching                                                                       (PI: Coleman)       

                     NSF (CHE-0840413)                                                        


2007-2010    Synthesis and Structure of GPIs and GPI-Linked Glycopeptides              Guo - P.I. 

                     NSF (CHE-0715275)


2007-2010    Development of DC-Based Cancer Vaccines                                            Guo - P.I. 

                     NSFC (China)


2008-2009   Synthetic and Biological Studies of GPIs and Related Structures              Guo - P.I.

                     Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience (Japan)


2004-2007    Synthetic and Structural Studies of Sperm CD52                                      Guo - P.I. 

                     NSF (CHE-0407144)


2003-2005    Purchase of a 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer (instrument grant)                Guo - co-P.I.

                     NSF (CHE-0320878)                                                                                  (PI: Sayre)


2003-2004    Pathogen and Host Proteins in Pneumococcal Immunity                          Guo - co-P.I.

NIH (1R21AI53607-01)                                                                             (PI: Greenspan)


2002-2007    Metabolic Engineering of Cancer for Selective Immunotargeting              Guo - P.I.

                     NIH (1R01CA95142-01)


2002-2007    Cell-Selective Liposomal Drug Delivery in Restenosis                               Guo - co-P.I.

                     NIH (1R01HL70263-01)                                                                              (PI: Marchant)


2002-2004    Free Carbohydrates as Phase-tags: Solution-phase Glycopeptide            P.I. (Guo) 

                     Synthesis with Solid-phase Workups

                     PRF of American Chemical Society                                              


2002-2003    Novel Conjugate Vaccines for Encapsulated Bacterial Pathogens            Greenspan/Guo - PI

                     Presidential Research Initiative, CASE                                          


2001-2003    Glycoengineering Cancer Cells for Selective Immunotargeting Cancer    Guo - P.I. 

                     Ohio Cancer Research Associates


2001-2002    A New Strategy for Glycopeptide Synthesis with Unprotected                  Guo - P.I. 

                     Oligosaccharide Chains as Phase Tags

                     Research Corporation (RI 0663)


2000-2001    Glycoengineering Melanoma Cells for Its Selective Immunotargeting       Guo - P.I. 

                     American Cancer Society

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