Right now, the Guo Lab has several postdoctoral positions opened for synthetic organic chemists, molecular and cell biologists, and cancer immunologists.  Scientists with excellent backgrounds in these research areas are encouraged to send applications with CV and research summary to Dr. Guo via email: zwguo@chem.wayne.edu.  Applications will be accepted and reviewed until the positions are filled out.


Congratulations to Dr. Guochao Liao and Dr. Jian Gao for their new positions as Full Professor at Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine and Shandong University, respectively, and Dr. Zhifang Zhou for her new position as Associate Professor at Jiangnan University, all starting in April 2016. 


Congratulations to Guochao and Zhifang for their fully synthetic vaccine paper accepted by ACS Cent. Sci


Congratulations to Guochao and Zhifang for their meningitis vaccine paper accepted by ACS Infect. Dis


We welcome new graduate students Brittany Smith, Christina Nyawaga, and Nuwan Kandasinge to join the group.


The whole group attended the 11th Midwest Carbohydrate Chemistry and Glycobiology Symposium at Cleveland.  Zhifang Zhou received the best poster award at the meeting on Oct. 26, 2015.


Welcome Dr. P. Zhang, Dr. S. Liu, and Ms. J. Guo to join the research group.


Congratulations to Zhifang for her cancer vaccine paper accepted by Chem. Sci


NIH/NIGMS awards the Guo Lab a supplement grant to purchase a new nano-LC system.


The boss was elected with Prof. Xi Chen as Co-Vice Chairs and Chairs for the 2017 and 2019 Carbohydrate Gordon Research Conferences.  


Zhifang and Guochao went with the boss to attend the 2015 Carbohydrate Gordon Research Conference at Vermont.


Congratulations to Lili for her GPI bioengineering paper accepted by Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.


The whole group enjoyed a pleasant day at Kensington park.


Congratulations to Guochao for his anti-meningitis vaccine paper accepted by Chem. Commun.


Congratulations to Charlie for his GPI biological research paper published in Cell.


Congratulations to Prolay who has gotten an excellent offer from Pfizer.


Congratulations to Prolay for his oligosaccharide synthesis paper accepted by Org. Lett.


Congratulations to Guochao for his antifungal vaccine paper accepted by Bioconjugate Chem.


The whole group enjoyed a skiing retreat together.



NCI decided to support the “Metabolic Engineering of Cancer for Selective Immunotargeting” project for another 5 years.


NIGMS support for the “New Methods to Access GPI-Anchored Proteins and Study GPI-Anchored Proteomics” project has been renewed for another 4 years.


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