How do I apply?

Undergraduate students must apply through the Wayne State Office of Undergraduate Admissions - see

Graduate students must apply through the Office of Graduate Admissions.  They should also consult the website for the department they wish to apply to see if there are additional applications forms required by the department.  See

How do I see an advisor?

Undergraduate Advisor

Gayle McCreedy
3109 Faculty Administration Building
Make an appointment at

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Prof. Elizabeth Dorn Lublin
3095 Faculty Administration Building

Director of Graduate Studies

Prof. Elizabeth Faue
3079 Faculty Administration Building

How do I register for classes?

All registration is online through You can either look up specific courses through the “course/subjects” tab on the left of the homepage, or use the search function, which will allow you to narrow to specific General Education requirements.  Add the courses to your wish list, review, and then log in to complete the registration process.

If you are unsure about your degree requirements, please contact the Undergraduate Advisor, who can go over both your major as well as the General Education and College requirements with you.

How do I declare an undergraduate major/minor?

To declare or change your major, go to

To declare a minor in History, you need to meet with the program's academic advisor. To make an appointment, go to

How do I complete my BA in four years?

In order to graduate in four years, you will have to be organized – both about your degree requirements and about your funding.  Make certain that you are in contact with the Undergraduate Advisor at least once a year to review your progress.  Pay attention to all of the deadlines for financial aid and other funding sources to make certain you are on track to receive the most support possible.

A sample 4-year degree plan for the B.A. in History can be found here. Your degree is worth 120 credit hours, which means you need an average of 15 credits per term to stay on track to graduate on time.  For most students, this means you will need to enroll in at least one spring/summer term.

How do I get involved in undergraduate research?

Wayne State is a research university. This gives you the opportunity to work with a professor on projects that will take you far beyond textbooks and lectures, and gain professional experience in independent research, writing, and analysis.

Directed Studies will allow you to work one-on-one with a faculty member to expand your knowledge in an area that is not covered by our regular curriculum. 

Internships allow our excelling students to gain experience in local museums to develop their sense of public history options. 

If you win the Undergraduate Research Award through the Honors College, the Department of History will provide additional funds to enhance your research travel. 

Also see: How do I get involved in undergraduate research?

How do I get funding?

The Department of History gives out several thousand dollars in student awards each year.  Contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies for more information about applications.

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Prof. Elizabeth Dorn Lublin
3095 Faculty Administration Building

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