Students in this joint program will earn both a Master's degree in History and the Master's in Library and Information Science degree. Graduates of the program will subsequently increase their job market potential and be prepared to enter a new workforce that is able to appraise and describe historical records, create websites, and preserve electronic documents.  Applicants to this 57 credit-hour program must be admitted to both the Library and Information Science and Department of History master’s degree programs. Candidates must complete the required courses for both programs in order to graduate.  Students interested in the archival field may also elect to complete the Archival Administration Graduate Certificate in conjunction with the joint degree program. To earn this certificate, students are required to complete 2 additional courses (6 credits) for a total of 63 credits.

For a fuller description of the MA - MLIS Joint Program, please consult the 2016-2017 Graduate Handbook.

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