The Department of History is able to conduct its work of training students and sharing historical knowledge with diverse audiences because of the generous support that we receive. You can help us continue to Aim Higher by considering us in your decisions about charitable giving. Your generosity could enable undergraduate and graduate students to travel to archival collections around the globe or supplement the department’s efforts to retain its excellent graduate students and faculty. We welcome both one-time gifts and sustainable monthly ones.


As you think about giving, please consider identifying one of our existing funds:

  • History Department Scholarship Fund                                                        
  • History Department Research and Development Fund                                                
  • Ambler Scholarship Fund (Gender and Women's History)
  • Harbison Fund (Undergraduate Excellence)
  • Johannesen (Classical/Ancient History)
  • Paterson Fund (Research in African American History)
  • Alfred Kelly Fund (Graduate Research)
  • Miles Fund (Graduate Paper Award)
  • Norris Fund (Graduate Paper Award in American History)
  • Place Fund (Outstanding Undergrad Capstone Paper)

Once you have made your decision about the fund you would like to support, please contact the Wayne State University Fund Office by visiting may also reach the office by telephone: 313.577.2263; fax: 313.577.6489; email:; mail: 5700 Cass Ave, Suite 1200, Detroit, MI 48202.


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