If you declared your major prior to Fall 2016, these are your requirements:

  • Accumulate at least 33 credit hours in history courses (HIS); a maximum of 46 history credits is allowed, and only 16 may come from transferred courses
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.00 overall and in your history classes
  • Complete one course in each survey sequence:
    • Europe - HIS 1000 or HIS 1300
    • U.S. – HIS 1050, HIS 2040, or HIS 2050
    • Africa/Asia/Latin America/Middle East – HIS 1400, HIS 1600, HIS 1610, HIS 1710, HIS 1810, HIS 1900, or HIS 1910
  • Complete at least 5 HIS courses numbered 3000 or above for a total of at least 18 credits Note: HIS 4990, HIS 4997, HIS 5993, and HIS 5996 do not count here.
  • Take at least one introductory (1000 or 2000) and one upper-division (3000 or above) course in each geographical area: Europe, the U.S., and Africa/Asia/Latin America/Middle East
  • Take at least two courses that focus on the pre-1800 period and two on the post-1800 period
    • Note: If a course crosses the 1800 boundary, you may count it for only one of the two time periods. Otherwise, you are free to fulfill this requirement with courses at any level and on any topic/part of the world.
  • Complete HIS 5996: Capstone Course for Majors
    • Note: This course focuses on historiography and research methods, and requires students to write and then revise a 20-25 page paper using primary and secondary sources and with research properly documented in notes and a bibliography. It is offered each fall, winter, and spring/summer, and students are advised to take it only after they have completed most if not all of their upper-level history coursework. Permission is now required to register for HIS 5996. That can be had by sending an email to the Undergraduate Advisor. As the class is capped at 15 students, do not wait until the last minute to contact the her. If you do, you may just find yourself having to wait a semester to take the class and, depending on your plans, wait a semester to graduate.
    • P.S. Note: Be prepared for HIS 5996 to be one of the most challenging and time-intensive courses that you take at Wayne State. So, plan accordingly.
  • Complete HIS 5993: Writing Intensive Course in History
    • Note: This course is a zero-credit, no-money, pass/fail class. Be sure to register for it together with HIS 5996 as the capstone paper fulfills the writing intensive requirement in History. More specifically, if you write a satisfactory paper in the capstone, you will have completed the writing intensive requirement, and, in addition to your grade in HIS 5996, you will receive an “S” for HIS 5993. If you do not register for HIS 5993 together with HIS 5996, you will have to write a second 20-25 paper research paper (with a revision stage, primary and secondary sources, and research citations) in conjunction with another upper-level history class.
  • If you pick your courses strategically, you only need 9 or 10 classes in order to complete all requirements for your History major. Feel free, though, to take more history classes to reach the 120 credits that you need in total to graduate. Doing so will make you a better historian and help you to hone further your analytical, writing, and research skills, which will serve you well in a large variety of future careers.
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