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Linguistics Updates Winter 2021!

Date: 11/25/2020

 Here's some information regarding the Linguistics program! 


We offer BA and MA degrees in Linguistics

Major, Minor, or Co-Major in Linguistics

Check out our website:

Contact: Corinne Forys, Undergraduate Student Advisor,, or

Prof. Ljiljana Progovac, Graduate Student Advisor:, for an appointment

Linguistics is devoted to the scientific study of language structure and use. The Linguistics Program at Wayne State offers an interdisciplinary approach to this field, permitting students to explore a wide range of topics and issues in language research. Training in linguistics prepares students for advanced work in linguistic research, as well as for employment in teaching English and foreign languages; computer systems (especially natural language processing); broadcasting, mass media and journalism; publishing and editing; translation; international business; intercultural communication and negotiation; law; and generally any profession requiring the precise use or analysis of speech or writing. Our classes are small, and our students receive plenty of individual attention from the faculty. Check out our website (above) to see what some of our alumni are doing.

Our students can participate in the Accelerated AGRADE Program, which allows superior BA students to apply 15 BA credits toward their MA degrees in Linguistics. We also participate in the Honors Program.

Sample one of our courses in the Winter of 2021

These classes are offered remotely, and you do not have to be in town, or even in country to take them! This is a good time to join our Program. We offer 2 gen. ed. classes: CI and GL (as marked).

LIN 1850: Introductory Symbolic Logic

LIN 1860: Honors Symbolic Logic

LIN 2000: Chinese Phonetics

LIN 2720: (CI) Basic Concepts in Linguistics

LIN 2730: (GL) Languages of the World

LIN 3080: Cognitive Psychology

LIN 5080: Phonetics

LIN 5290: Phonology 

LIN 5320: Language and Societies

LIN 5360: Child Language Acquisition & Usage

LIN 5700: Introduction to Linguistic Theory

LIN 5720: Linguistics and Education

LIN 6720: Topics in Lg.: Variation and Change

LIN 7710: Advanced Studies in Lg. Structure:

                 Approaches to Language Evolution


Forthcoming in the Fall of 2021: Historical Linguistics; African American Vernacular English; Language and Culture; Morphology; Syntax; and several more.

Registration is now open for the Winter semester! Please support Linguistics classes by registering as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have!