The Plan of Work is a list of the courses you plan to take to meet your degree requirements, plus your expected timeline to degree completion.

By the time you have completed 12 credits in the program, the university requires you to file a Plan of Work.  Subsequent modifications are possible with your advisor's approval. Be sure to contact your advisor to complete your Plan and to notify him or her of any changes to an approved Plan.

Follow the instructions below for completing the form with MALL requirements to avoid delays in processing your Plan.


Download the Plan of Work form and instructions:

Current information is online at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences webpage for Current Students.

When you list your courses, they should follow a certain order:

  1. the 5 MALL methodology core courses (with the 3 required listed before the 2 electives; 2 of the 5 must be at the 7000 level)
  2. the 12 credits of language and culture courses (these must be taught in the target language)
  3. the 6 credits for the cognate core
  4. the expected essay (7999) semester.

The semesters are labeled for the month they end (e.g., 4/14) rather than the normal label (Winter 2014), so fill in the "term end" column using the month/year format.

The credits go under the "core hours" column.

A couple of notes beyond the organization that will help you fill out the form:

  1. Your major is your target language (e.g., Spanish), the degree is Language Learning
  2. The degree is "plan B".
  3. To identify your 6-year completion date add 6 years to the month and year you completed your first course for the degree.
  4. At least 2 of the methodology core courses have to be at the 7000-level.
  5. FL Testing and FL Instruction are offered in alternating Winter semesters, so be sure to take them as soon as they are offered to avoid delays in graduating..


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