Develop your professional teaching skills as you examine current theory and practice of all facets of language methodology, including acquisition, instruction, testing and technology. Six of the credits in this core must be taken at the 7000 level. (15 credits).

Required courses (9 credits)

  • 5750 Theories of Second Language Acquisition

    The complex processes involved in learning a foreign/ second language, including the nature of interlanguage and the individual and collective factors influencing learner success and the effectiveness of instruction. Required.  Offered every Fall semester.  
  • 5850/ 7850 Foreign Language Instruction

    Methods, approaches, techniques and activities for teaching the four skills, grammar, vocabulary, and culture, as well as learner strategies, use of textbooks, preparation of materials, and the Standards for Foreign Language Learning. Required.  Offered Winter semester of even years. 
  • 5860/ 7860 Assessment in the Foreign Language Classroom

    Means of assessing knowledge of a foreign language, including the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview, testing of the reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, and culture, and assessment as it relates to program goals. Required. Offered Winter semester of odd years. 

Elective courses (6 credits): Choose two

  • 5830/ 7830 Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom

    Introduces various types of technology for FL teaching, including a review of research on effectiveness, best practices, assessment, and the evaluation and development of appropriate uses of technology. Elective.
  • 5820/ 7820 Teaching Foreign Languages: Productive Skills

    The latest research concerning the acquisition of speaking and writing, the difference between productive and receptive language use and how various methods treat the productive skills. Elective. 
  • 5810/ 7810 Teaching Foreign Languages: Receptive Skills

    The latest research concerning the acquisition of listening and reading, the difference between receptive and productive language use and how various methods treat the receptive skills. Elective.


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