The MALL program offers you the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge in three core areas of study: the target language and culture of your choice, foreign language pedagogy, and a cognate field of study of particular interest to you as a teacher.

Language and Culture Core

Improve your language and cultural proficiency by taking graduate-level courses in your target language. See our participating languages’ websitesGraduate Bulletin or Schedule of Classes to browse the graduate course offerings. (12 credits)

Foreign Language Methodology Core

Develop your professional teaching skills as you examine current theory and practice of all facets of language methodology, including acquisition, instruction, testing and technology. Read descriptions for the required and elective courses. (15 credits)

Cognate Core

Explore a special area of interest to you which enhances your Master's essay. Choose from virtually any graduate course offered on campus. The cognate is chosen in consultation with the academic advisor. (6 credits)

Master's Essay

The topic of the Master's essay is negotiated with one of the participating MALL faculty members, and synthesizes the materials learned in all three cores of study in a research project  that contributes to the student's professional development. (3 credits)

Program Assessment: Reports to Stakeholders

  • MA in Language Learning Program Assessment Report for Academic Year 2014-2015
    • Faculty: Drs. Barrette, Paesani, and Zouhir, December 17, 2015
  • MA in Language Learning Program Assessment Report for Academic Year 2013-2014
    • Faculty: Drs. Barrette, Lucht, Paesani, and Zouhir, September 23, 2014
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