Current MPA students are encouraged to download and refer to the MPA Student HandbookIt is an excellent resource as you progress through the program, and can answer many of your questions. Please keep in mind that this is an informational document and may change from year to year. The Wayne State University Graduate Bulletin is the document that provides the definitive requirements. Note: use the Bulletin for the year in which you entered the MPA program (i.e., if you entered in Fall 2016, use that year's Bulletin).

There are three forms you are required to submit to the program director upon completion of 12 credits. These are fillable forms and it is preferable you submit them electronically at the same time. If you do not submit the requisite forms, a hold will be placed on your account.

  1. Plan of Work
  2. Declaration of Concentration
  3. Internship Waiver OR Internship Agreement

Submit your forms to the program director here.

Note: the Plan of Work is a blueprint and is required to be on file with the University. Changes to the Plan of Work may be needed. In the event changes are needed, the program director will file them on your behalf. For instructions on changing your Plan of Work, please refer to the MPA Student Handbook

For those interested in exploring employment options with an MPA, please see our Careers page.

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