MAT 0995 is a 3 credit course which carries no degree credit. It is a computer-based course located in the Mathematics Computer Lab(MCL). The student must complete a minimum of three hours per week in the MCL in addition to the two-hour regular class meeting.


Exponents and radicals, solving polynomial and other types of equations and inequalities, graphs and systems of linear equations, introduction to functions, elementary geometry.


Students qualify for MAT 0995 by having achieved one of the following:
  • a satisfactory score on the Mathematics Placement Exam in the past 12 months.
  • a grade of ANC, BNC or CNC in MAT 0993 taken at Wayne State University in the past 12 months.
  • a validated SAT score of 500 or higher, or a validated ACT Math score of 21 or higher.
For placement at this level, students should have a command of numerical and beginning algebra concepts and techniques corresponding to approximately one year of high school algebra.

Materials Fee

The fee, which is part of the tuition, covers the cost of access to MyMathLab.  This gives the student access to all course materials, including the textbook, videos, homework, quizzes and tests.



ANC, BNC, CNC, UNC. [NC stands for “no credit” since this course carries no degree credit.] Successful completion of this course (CNC or higher) qualifies the student to enroll in  MAT 1110 or MAT 1500. This prerequisite is valid for 12 months.


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