Below are copies of actual final examinations that were recently used in MAT 1050.  They are intended for:

These exams should only be used as a general guide to material that is likely to appear on future exams.  It is possible that future placement exams or final exams will be significantly different than these sample exams.

Winter 2019 Final Exam               Winter 2019 Final Exam Key

Fall 2018 Final Exam                    Fall 2018 Final Exam Key

Winter 2018 Final Exam               Winter 2018 Final Exam Key

Fall 2017 Final Exam                    Fall 2017 Final Exam Key

Winter 2017 Final Exam               Winter 2017 Final Exam Key

Fall 2016 Final Exam                    Fall 2016 Final Exam Key

Winter 2016 Final Exam               Winter 2016 Final Exam Key

Fall 2015 Final Exam                    Fall 2015 Final Exam Key

Winter 2015 Final Exam               Winter 2015 Final Exam Key

Fall 2014 Final Exam                    Fall 2014 Final Exam Key

Winter 2014 Final Exam               Winter 2014 Final Exam Key

Fall 2013 Final Exam                    Fall 2013 Final Exam Key





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