STA 1020 - Elementary Statistics

This course covers the basic concepts and some elementary methods in statistics with the use of mathematics for calculation and simple analysis. Having learned the materials contained in this course, a student should have some rudimentary knowledge about how data is collected, how to organize and to display data, how to interpret the results and how to draw conclusions from the results.


Descrip­tive statistics, correlation and regression, notions in probability, bino­mial and normal distributions, testing hypothesis.


Through Spring/Summer 2018: Students qualify for STA 1020 by having achieved one of the following:

  • satisfactory score on the Mathematics Placement Exam in the past 24 months.
  • a grade of CNC or better in MAT 0900 or MAT 0993, taken at Wayne State University in the past 24 months.
  • a grade of C- or higher in any MAT course numbered 1050 or higher (no expiration).
  • a grade of C or higher in any transferred MAT course numbered 1050 or higher (no expiration).
  • an SAT Math score of 450 or higher, or an ACT Math score of 18 or higher, taken in the last 24 months.
For placement at this level, students should have a command of numerical and beginning algebra concepts and techniques corresponding approximately to one year of high school algebra.
Beginning with Fall 2018: STA 1020 is changing to reflect the new Quantitative Experience General Education requirement.  As a result, this course will no longer have a prerequisite.  Any student can enroll, without restriction.



The required textbook is Beginning Statistics by Carolyn Warren, Kimberly Denly, & Emily Atchley, 2nd ed.

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