Meet Professor Kazuhiko Shinki

Kazuhiko Shinki has been at Wayne State since 2009. He received a B.S. in mathematics from Waseda University, Japan, and an M.S. in mathematical sciences from the University of Tokyo.

After finishing his master's thesis in number theory, he joined the Bank of Japan and worked in applied macroeconomic analysis and survey design for several years. He restarted his academic life at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2004, and received a Ph.D. in statistics in 2010.

Professor Shinki's research interests are mathematical and applied statistics. Time series analysis has been the main theme of his work at the Bank of Japan and in his academic research.

He also has collaborated with the medical school at UW-Madison and with the Michigan Department of Transportation. In addition to these areas, he is currently interested in statistics in sports and statistical learning.

Professor Shinki teaches statistics at all levels as well as some actuarial science courses. Taking advantage of his background, his emphasis is on teaching skills that are relevant in modern industrial and commercial applications.

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Meet Professor Kazuhiko Shinki 12/5/2016
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