Welcome to the Department of Nutrition and Food Science. We are located in the hub of the Cultural Center and we are a short walk from the Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit Science Center, Museum of African-American History, New Center, many restaurants, and other fine attractions. 

Students graduating as nutrition and food science majors have found employment in food manufacturing and processing industries, and in government and community agencies. The federal government projects a shortage of food science graduates through, at least, the end of the century. Food science comprises many fields including developing new products, quality control, ensuring food safety, and many other exciting areas. The B.S. track is also an excellent way of fulfilling premedical or predental course requirements. 

Students interested in working as nutritional practitioners enroll in the Coordinated Program in Dietetics. Graduates are eligible to take the national registry exam of the American Dietetic Association and once credentialed, have found employment in hospitals, health promotion agencies, extended care facilities, and in private practice.  Graduates with a B.A. degree have found employment as supervisors in restaurants, catering operations, and with large food companies in the metro Detroit area.

Undergraduate Programs

At the undergraduate level, Nutrition & Food Science has three separate curricula leading to a bachelor's degree. They are:

  • Nutrition and Food Science (B.S. NFS)
  • Coordinated Program in Dietetics (B.S. Dietetics)
  • Nutrition and Food Science (B.A. NFS)

The B.S. degree is obtained by nutrition and food science or dietetic majors. The B.A. degree requires less extensive course work in the sciences.

Get more information on our undergraduate programs undergraduate programs.

Applications and information for undergraduates are located on the Wayne State Admissions page.

Graduate Programs

Graduate offerings include master's programs (M.A. and M.S.) and a Ph.D. program.

Master's programs require a research project and writing of a research essay or thesis. The doctor of philosophy program requires extensive course work and a dissertation based on original laboratory research.

Applications for the master's and Ph.D. degrees are located on the Wayne State Graduate Admissions page.

For Ph.D. students who would like to be considered for financial support:  all applications and supporting documentation must be submitted and completed by March 1, 2018 to begin in the Fall semester.

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