New Opportunities in the Philosophy Department

The Philosophy Department is excited to announce several recent changes to our program and new opportunities for students:

Revised, More Flexible Minor 

The Department has revised its requirements for the Minor so that they are now much more flexible. The new requirements also make it possible for up to two courses to "double-count" both as GenEd requirements and as requirements for the Philosophy Minor (PHI 1050 can satisfy the CT requirement, and several of our courses satisfy the PL requirement).
The revised Minor requires a minimum of five (5) courses in Philosophy as follows:
(1)  Symbolic Logic (PHI 2850, PHI 1860, or PHI 5050) or Critical Thinking (PHI 1050);
(2)  One course at the 5000-level or above (other than PHI 5993); and
(3)  three additional courses of the candidate's choice (other than 5993), at least one of which must be at the 2000-level. 
"Specialized" Minor Paths
In addition to revising the Minor requirements, the Department has introduced three new recommended paths for fulfilling the Minor for students with more specialized goals and interests: 
  • Pre-Law Minor
  • Ethics for Health Care Professionals Minor
  • Foundations of Science and Psychology Minor

For details about the courses suggested for each of these minor paths, visit our website.

New Major Concentration in the Foundations of Law and Ethics
The Department now offers two different versions of the Major: a Traditional Concentration and a Concentration in the Foundations of Law and EthicsThe Law and Ethics Concentration is designed for students who are pre-Law and/or who have a special interest in ethics and political philosophy. 
For details about the courses required for the new concentration, visit the website.
New Courses and new GenEd credit for Philosophy courses
We're excited to be offering two brand new courses in the upcoming year:
  • Philosophy of Psychology (PHI 2650), which will be offered in the Winter 16 semester.
  • Life and Death (PHI 1200), which will be offered in the W16 semester.
In addition, several additional Philosophy courses will now satisfy Philosophy & Letters (PL) GenEd credit:
  • Ethical Issues in Health Care (PHI 1110)
  • Life and Death (PHI 1200)
  • Philosophy of Religion (PHI 2400)
  • Introduction to the Philosophy of Science (PHI 2550)


If you have any questions about our program, please contact our Director of Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Josh Wilburn, at


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New Opportunities in the Philosophy Department 8/21/2015
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