The American Philosophical Association - The American Philosophical Association is the official organization of professional philosophers in the United States.

A link to Brad Angell's writings and a link to his book, A-Logic.

John Cleese (of Monty Python fame) talks about Life and Philosophy: Presented by the Centennial Committee of the American Philosophical Association

There is a book, Philosophy in Cyberspace, edited by D. Alexander (published by the Philosophy Documentation Center), that lists, annotates, and indexes more than 1500 web sites, more than 300 mailing lists, and approximately 60 newsgroups concerned with topics of interest to philosophers and students of philosophy.

Philosophy Humor - from Episteme Links

The Philosopher's Magazine

Episteme Links - This site contains links to many other links to philosophically interesting sites.

The Philosophers' Magazine on the Web - A magazine and links to many other philosophically interesting sites.

Resources of Scholarly Societies - websites maintained by or for philosophical societies around the world.

Philosophy News Service - The latest philosophy news and announcements from around the world, including searchable listing of jobs, calls for papers, and other resources and opportunities for philosophers and philosophy students.

No dogs or philosophers allowed

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The WWW Virtual Library: Philosophy


The Philosophy Documentation Center

Some interesting links concerning Philosophy and Religion, and some other stuff

Philosophy Majors and the LSAT

Undergraduate Journals in Philosophy

History of Philosophy

Coffee with the Faculty

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