The joint M.A./J.D. degree program offers students the opportunity to earn both degrees in about the same time as either degree would take alone. Admission to this program requires the separate approval of both the School of Law and the Department of Political Science.

Law School admissions policy requires that applicants submit scores for the Law School Admisions Test (LSAT). For further information, see the web page for the WSU School of Law.

Admission to the Department of Political Science requires satisfactory performance on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). A total score of 1000, and a minimum score of 400 on the quantitative portion, is required for regular admission. However, if a student has been accepted by the Wayne State Law School, s/he need not take the GRE. Applicants must also have some undergraduate background in the social sciences, particularly coursework in American politics and policymaking. Students lacking such undergraduate coursework will be required to take prescribed coursework in addition to the minimum required for the degree.

Students may begin coursework in either the Department of Political Science or in the Law School. However, upon admission to the Law School, students must complete the required first year law curriculum before taking any other courses. Subsequently, a combination of political science and law courses may be taken.

This degree is offered only under the University's Plan B option, which requires 33 credit hours including a three-credit essay. Credit distribution must consist of twenty-one credits of political science including PS 5630, 7660, the essay credits, and 12 credits in law courses. Remaining credits are taken in a major concentration, ordinarily American Politics and Government, Public Administration or Public Policy. A written comprehensive exam in the student's major area of concentration is given at the end of coursework in political science.

Upon completion of the Department of Political Science requirements for the M.A. and the Law School requirements for the J.D., students are awarded both degrees.

For further information regarding the joint program, please contact the director of the graduate program in political science at 313-577-3169 or

Program of Study

I. Core Courses (10 credits)

PS 5630 Statistics and Data Analysis in Political Science I (4 cr.)
PS 7660 Research Methods in Policy and Politics (3 cr.)
PS 7990 Master's Essay Direction (3 cr.)

II. Program Electives (minimum of 11 credits)

Course selections ordinarily would be drawn from American Government and Politics, Public Policy, Public Administration.

III. Law School Credits (minimum of 12 credits)

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