CPGSO Hosts Successful Poverty Matters Symposium

On September 15th, the Department of Psychology's Clinical Psychology Graduate Student Organization (led by Kiel Opperman, with board members Laura Crespo, Hannah Holmes, and Amber Sepsey) hosted a symposium: "Poverty Matters: Disparities, Policies, and Future Directions." 

The event, held in the Student Center Building, brought together about 120 faculty, students, staff, and professionals from several universities, various Wayne State departments, and the community. The symposium hosted four speakers, who closed the symposium with a panel discussion: 

Pamela Moore, the CEO and President of the Detroit Public Schools Foundation, who discussed how poverty affects DPS students.

Henny Warren, past COO at Central City Integrated Health, who spoke about mental health and the impact poverty has on its consumers.

Allen Goodman, Professor of Economics at Wayne State University, who discussed his research on housing economics and how it impacts opportunity and disparity.

Luke Shaefer, Director of Poverty Solutions at the University of Michigan, who talked about poverty's effects on the community and programs being used to alleviate poverty.

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CPGSO Hosts Successful Poverty Matters Symposium 10/6/2017
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