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October Graduate Student Accomplishments

Date: 11/7/2018

Peer Reviewed Publications:

 Hannah Holmes and Heather Doherty

Holmes, H.J., Thakur, E.R., Carty, J.N., Ziadni, M., Doherty, H., Lockhart, N., Schubiner, H., & Lumley, M.A. (2018). Ambivalence over emotional expression and perceived social constraints as moderators of relaxation training and emotional awareness and expression training for irritable bowel syndrome. General Hospital Psychiatry, 53, 38-43.

 Ray Viviano

Viviano, R.P., Hayes, J.M., Pruitt, P.J., Fernandez, Z.J., van Rooden, S., van der Grond, J., Rombouts, S.A.R.B. & Damoiseaux, J.S., (2018). Aberrant memory system connectivity and working memory performance in subjective cognitive decline. NeuroImage.

 Andria Norman and Evan Gross

 Norman, A.L., Woodard, J.L., Calamari, J.E., Evan Z. Gross, Pontarelli, N, Socha, J, DeJong, B., & Armstrong, K.M (in press). The fear of alzheimer’s disease: mediating effects of anxiety on subjective memory complaints. Aging & Mental Health.

 Evan Gross and Rebecca Campbell

 Lichtenberg, P. A., Gross, E. Z. & Campbell, R. (2018). A Short form of the Lichtenberg Financial Decision Rating Scale. Clinical Gerontologist.

 Rebecca Campbell

Campbell, R., Lichtenberg, P.A. & Gross, E.Z. (in press).  Cross-validation of the Lichtenberg Financial Decision Making Screening Scale in an adult protective services sample.” Journal of Elder Abuse and Neglect.



Breanne Helmers

Helmers, B. R., Jacques-Tiura, A. J., & Abbey, A. (in press). Associations between young adult men’s patterns of alcohol use and sexual behavior: A latent profile analysis of two independent samples. Addictive Behaviors.

Shawna Tanner

Tanner, S. M., Lakey, B., Cohen, J. L., MacGeorge, E. L., Clark, R. A., Stewart, S., & Robinson, R. (2018). What is the right thing to say? Agreement among perceivers on the supportiveness of statements. Basic and Applied Social Psychology.



Laura Crespo

Crespo, L. M., Trentacosta, C. J., Udo-Inyang, I., Northerner, L., Chaudhry, K., & Williams, A. (in press). Self-regulation mitigates the association between household chaos and children’s behavior problems. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology.


Conference Presentations:

Chela Wallin

 Wallin CM., Brummelte S, Bowen SE (2018) Preconceptional & gestational opioid exposure: Translational model for neurobehavioral development. The Chuan-Pu Lee, Ph.D. Endowed Graduate Student Research Presentation Day (GSRPD). Wayne State Medical School, Detroit, MI.



Wallin CM., Brummelte S, Bowen SE (2018) Effects of preconceptional & gestational opioid exposure: A translational rodent model. Researchers of Biobehavioral Health in Urban Settings Today (RoBUST) symposium. Wayne State University, Detroit, MI.

Masters Defenses:

Heather Doherty: Alexithymia, trauma, and interpersonal distress as moderators of emotional awareness and expression therapy for patients with fibromyalgia.

Marina Fodor: Do humanizing Features in a Computer-Delivered Brief Intervention for Alcohol Use Enhance Participants’ Subjective Reactions?


Dissertation Defenses:

Dana McCall: Hippocampal volumetry and episodic memory in preterm born children"


Other Accomplishments:

Robert Kanser, Lauren Radigan, Jeremy Grant and Sarah Patrick each had presentations accepted to the upcoming meeting of the International Neuropsychological Society in New York City (February, 2019).


Amy Graham will serve as a panelist at the 2018 PULSE adult literacy conference at Wayne State.  This interactive panel will discuss working with adult learners who may be facing mental health issues, learning disabilities, substance abuse disorders, and other barriers to learning.


Andria Norman and Amy Graham were selected to walk alongside the new WSU float in the Thanksgiving Day Parade