Psychology Clinic Relocates

Late last summer, the clinic relocated from its home in the Rackham Memorial Educational
Building for the past 15 years, over to the Rands House located at 5229 Cass Avenue. We see this as an exciting new beginning in which we will be more on campus and further continue our assistance to the greater Metro-Detroit area as well as Wayne State.

The Psychology Training Clinic

The Psychology Clinic is where graduate students in clinical psychology obtain training, experience, and supervision form the clinical faculty for conducting psychological assessment, psychological interventions, and community projects. The clinic is open to the public 50 hours weekly, almost year round. We serve children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples who are seeking mental health assessments and services. We also contract with various community agencies to provide consultation and services in the community. In addition to its training and service missions, the clinic also promotes research on all aspects of clinical training and practice.

Highlights From The Clinic:
One of the most requested services at the clinic has been our Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Program (DBT) for adults, led by Dr. Marla Bartoi, Associate Director of the Psychology Clinic.
This highly effective, research supported program offers a two hour weekly intervention for
clients who have significant difficulty regulating strong emotions such as anxiety, anger, and
sadness. These are persons who might have diagnoses such as borderline personality disorder and suicidal thoughts. Clients are asked to commit 6 months to staying in the program and also must be in individual therapy in addition to the weekly group. The DBT program begin 10 years ago, made possible by a grant from the Ethel and James Flinn Foundation.
The clinic also has an ongoing collaboration with Children’s Hospital of Michigan’s General
Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Clinic (GPAM), led by Dr. Marilyn Franklin. At GPAM,
our team provides mental health services integrated with this primary care clinic. Mental health screening and feedback are available to all youth coming to GPAM. Those youth and their caregivers who screen positive for mental health problems are provided with a variety of options and encouragement to obtain mental health treatment. Many chose to receive empirically supported individual and family therapy from our team of student clinicians. The team servesyouth with significant trauma exposure, suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, and other behavioral difficulties. These services are made possible through funding from the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation.
The clinic also helps to staff a school-based health clinic at Hamtramck High School. The clinic team works with other healthcare professionals and school personnel to provide screening and counseling to students at the school who are in need. Also led by Dr. Marilyn Franklin, this program is made possible through support from The Jewish Foundation of Michigan.
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Psychology Clinic Relocates 10/1/2019
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