African American Psychology Student Organization



The African American Psychology Student Organization (AAPSO) seeks to provide resources to encourage the success of Wayne State University’s diverse psychology student population. Through academics, networking, social and community engagement, AAPSO members learn, discuss and tackle the pressing psychological issues that impact ethnic minority communities, in particular the African American community. AAPSO strives to promote academic excellence among WSU undergraduate and graduate students.

Members of AAPSO are affiliated with the Association of Black Psychologists, National Latina/o Psychological Association, Asian American Psychological Association and/or the Society of Indian Psychologists.

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Through providing a platform for discussion, AAPSO members are encouraged to be engaged with the progression of society through informational discussions, academics, community service and interpersonal relationships.

1. Informational: Through hosting forums, AAPSO members provide an opportunity for networking and discussion of current issues in the field.

2. Academic: AAPSO believes that excelling academically plays a major role in success. Members are engaged in tutoring and supporting each other in the classroom environment.

3. Community Service: Providing support to organizations aligned with the AAPSO’s mission is important. AAPSO members engage with younger individuals and discuss their passion.

4. Interpersonal: AAPSO provides a platform for like-minded students to interact over cultural experiences. This support network enables students to become more interconnected with the Wayne State student population.

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