Through donations over the years, the department is able to offer several scholarships and awards.  Except for the Rodney Clark Memorial Fund Award, our scholarships and awards are given out each April at the Sheldon J. Lachman Memorial Lecture. The Rodney Clark Award is given out at a separate ceremony in April.

Sheldon J. Lachman, Ph.D. (1921-1997)

Sheldon J. Lachman was born on December 17, 1921 in Detroit, Michigan He graduated from Western High School in Detroit in 1939 and subsequently attended the University of Detroit, Wayne University, Ohio State University and the University of Michigan before receiving his B.S. degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan in 1942. He received the M.S. in Psychology from UM in 1943 and the Ph.D. in Psychology from UM in 1952.

Following his death, a Lachman Memorial Fund was established, and the Department Chair, Donald Coscina, formed a committee to decide on appropriate uses for this fund. The Committee agreed that a most appropriate use would be to cover expenses for an annual Lachman Memorial Lecture in which a prominent psychologist would be brought to campus to give a talk of general interest to a relatively diverse audience. 

History of the Department of Psychology at Wayne State University by Sheldon Lachman


Professor Lachman's biography written by his friend and collegue, Dr. Alan R. Bass

Dr. Ira J. Firestone's memories of Professor Lachman


Lachman Memorial Lecture Guest Speakers

2018 James W. Pennebaker Trauma, health, and the words we use: Research tips on finding interesting things
2017 Kim Dietrich The Accidental Epidemiologist
2016 Daniel Shaw The Development and Prevention of Early Conduct Problems
2015 Kipling Williams Ostracism: The Power of Silence
2014 Carl Hart Challenging Assumptions About Drugs
2013 Tammy Allen Connecting Work-Family Research to Employee and Family Health
2012 Patricia Reuter-Lorenz Age-Related Decline & Compensation:  Insights from Functional Brain Imaging
2011 Stephen M. Rao Can we predict and eventually prevent Alzheimer's disease
2010 Norine G. Johnson Psychology Build a Healthy World Update
2009 James S Jackson The Intersection of Race and Ethnicity in Psychological Research
2008 William Stone Genes, Endophenotypes, and Schizophrenia:  Are we getting closer to prevention
2007 Toni Antonucci Social Relations and Health:  A Life Course Perspective
2006 Sheldon Cohen Stress, Social Networks, Social Status and the Common Cold
2005 Thomas G. O'Connor Updating our understanding of early experiences on psychological development
2004 Richard McNally Remembering Trauma
2003 William Milberg Cardiovascular Risk and Frontal Disfunction
2002 James O. Prochaska Staging:  A revolution in Health Behavior Change
2001 Randi Martin Working memory and language processing:  Evidence from neuropsychology and neuroimaging
2000 Kent Berridge Desire in the brain:  From pleasure – conscious & unconscious – to addiction
1999 Elliot S. Valenstein Blaming the Brain



Lachman Memorial Lecture Photos

William Stone & Scott Bowen



Doug Barnett, Shirley Fink,
Toni Antonucci & Doug Whitman



Sheldon Cohen



Thomas O'Connor & Doug Barnett



Doug Barnett & Richard McNally


William Milberg & Doug Whitman



James O. Prochaska


Randi Martin



Kent Berridge



Eliott S. Valenstein



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