The possibilities for careers in psychology are more varied than ever. The range of work available to psychology graduates goes beyond the traditional stereotypes of laboratory researcher or individual therapist. Psychology is an extraordinarily diverse field with hundreds of career paths. Some specialties, such as providing psychotherapy are familiar, whereas others, such as marketing, consulting, designing computer systems, developing social services and studying how we remember things are less well known.

Although a bachelor's degree in psychology will not prepare you to become a professional psychologist (students interested in a career as a therapist must complete a graduate program), an undergraduate major can mean that a student graduates with both a strong liberal arts/science education and adequate preparation for entry-level employment in one of many career paths. The undergraduate years are an excellent time for exploring careers through courses, conversations with people that have careers that interest you, internships, and part-time jobs.

The undergraduate degree could be your route into entry-level employment in one of the many occupations for which psychological knowledge or skills is a job requirement or advantage: sales or personnel positions, management training or public relations, research writing or technical writing, psychological services or child care, teaching or vocational training, to name a few. However, an individual's employability in one of these areas depends greatly on the person's practical experience, as well as personal traits, abilities, and special skills. By the time you graduate with a bachelor's degree in psychology, it is possible to have assembled a resume with work experience attractive to employers. 

If you have questions about careers in psychology, you will find that your instructors and professors here at Wayne State are a valuable source of information. Take advantage of office hours and visit with them! There are also a number of valuable resources, including:



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