Psychology Major

Psychology as a Major

Psychology is the science that studies the behavior and experience of humans. Through psychology you will learn how we perceive the world, how we learn and think, how our emotions and motives influence our behavior, how personality develops, what factors affect social relations, and applications of psychology to such practical situations as education, family life, group relations, advertising, business, industry and government.

There is considerable flexibility in the course of study within the Psychology Department. You can elect to pursue either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. Depending on your personal interests, you might also decide to concentrate your studies in a specialized area. Another alternative is the double major or major-minor combination. These options enable you to tailor your training to your career goals. Choosing a major for your bachelor's degree is an important matter. You should discuss several possible alternatives with your professors, advisors, and graduate students, then if you're still uncertain, contact the WSU Career Services where you can obtain information about many different career possibilities and evaluate ways to increase the attractiveness of your degree to prospective employers.


Psychology Mass Advising Session & Information Meeting

Prospective and current WSU students who are considering majoring or minoring in psychology should attend to learn about the major and opportunities within the field.  It is also helpful for individuals who are considering pursuing psychology as a second career and/or graduate studies. Meetings will cover psychology major requirements, information about graduate school, research experience, volunteer experience, the GRE, career resources, tips for success and much more. Attendance at one of the meetings is mandatory for all psychology majors.  Students are encouraged to attend as soon as possible.

You may attend without first RSVP’ing, but to ensure we have enough space we appreciate knowing that you are attending. Feel free to bring parents and/or interested friends. 

Meetings canceleld until further notice.


Declaring a Major in Psychology

Contact a Psychology Academic Advisor to schedule your appointment to either declare your major or minor is Psychology. Students that declare the major online are still required to come in for a Psychology Advising appointment, as well as attending the Psychology Mass Advising Session & Information Meeting.

If you have a general question, then you may send your inquiry to  


Bachelor's Degree in Psychology Information

In addition to the University and CLAS General Education requirements, Psychology majors must also complete departmental major course requirements. You must have a minimum honor point average of 2.0 in psychology course work and in all University course work overall in order to graduate.

The psychology major can be associated with either a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree. Regardless of which degree you decide to pursue, you must complete study of a foreign language. The Bachelor of Science degree additionally requires candidates to complete at least 27 credit hours in sciences outside the Department of Psychology from such fields as physical anthropology, biology, physics, chemistry, geology, mathematics, computer science and nutrition and food science. You may choose to concentrate on a few of these science specialties, or sample several of them.

Students may also explore the possibility of declaring Psychology Honors. Through the honors program students engage in independent research and participate in "hands on" psychological research projects with faculty and graduate students. Small honors classes promote active interaction among students and faculty. One of the major advantages of the honors program to students oriented toward graduate school is that students will receive the kind of personal attention and professional training that will maximize their chances of getting into graduate school and performing well once there. Satisfactory completion of the psychology honors curriculum will lead to a degree "With Honors in Psychology" inscribed on the diploma and on the transcript. Please note: Psychology Honors requirements are in addition to other Psychology major requirements. They may be incorporated into the Major Plan of Work. Please meet with your Psychology Academic Advisor for further information about the Psychology Departmental Honors program.

Students that enrolled at WSU prior to Fall 2015 will follow this Psychology Plan of Work.


Psychology Major Requirements


1. Introductory Psychology Requirement (choose one of three options; must earn “C” or better in PSY 1010 or PSY 1030 to major in Psychology)

  • PSY 1010 (Introductory Psychology) *recommended*
  • PSY 1020 (transferred) + PSY 1030 (Elements of Psychology + Intro to Psych Lab)
  • PSY 1020 (AP credit) + PSY 1030 (Advanced Placement + Intro to Psych Lab)

2. PSY 2020 Research Methods in Psychology

  • Must earn “C” or better - only one repeat will be allowed
  • Prerequisites: PSY 1010 or PSY 1030 with “C” or better grade AND completion of WSU Quantitative Experience (QE) requirement

3. PSY 2030 Statistical Methods in Psychology

  • Must earn “C” or better - only one repeat will be allowed
  • Prerequisites: PSY 2020 with “C” or better grade, AND all other prerequisites for PSY 2020

4. Experimental Lecture (choose ONE of three options)

  • PSY 3040 (Psychology of Perception: Fundamental Processes)
  • PSY 3060 (Psychology of Learning and Memory: Fundamental Processes)
  • PSY 3080 (Cognitive Psychology: Fundamental Processes)

PSY 3993 Experimental Laboratory/Writing Intensive

  • Must earn “C” or better
  • Prerequisites: Satisfaction of Intermediate Composition (IC), PSY 2020 and PSY 2030
  • Prerequisite / Corequisite: Experimental Lecture (PSY 3040, 3060, or 3080)
    • This course to Wayne State University and must be completed on campus 
    • Attendance is mandatory 

5. Core Psychology Coursework (choose TWO courses from the list below)

  • PSY 2100 (Psychology in the Workplace)
  • PSY 2400 (Developmental Psychology)
  • PSY 2600 (Social Psychology)
  • PSY 3120 (Brain & Behavior)
  • PSY 3310 (Abnormal Psychology)
  • PSY 5020 (Honors Research in Psychology- honors majors only)

6. Psychology Elective Coursework (courses must be 2000 – 6999 level)

Additional notes:

  • Attend one Psychology Major Information Meeting
  • At least 34 credit hours of Psychology beyond the Introductory Psychology requirement
  • At least 20 credit hours in Psychology must be completed at Wayne State University
  • Students may attempt PSY 2020 and PSY 2030 a max of TWO times; withdrawals (WN, WF, WP, etc.) count as attempts
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 overall and in Psychology Coursework




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