Q. Why can't I log in to SONA system?

There are several possibilities:

If you don't have an account yet, or if you forgot your password, go to the main SONA page, and on the left side, click the appropriate link. Please note that it may take a short while for you to receive your password (10 minutes or even longer). It will not be immediate!

You may have requested multiple accounts. Each participant is allowed to have only one account. You must use your WSU AccessID to log in (e.g., xx0000). You are allowed to designate whatever email address you want once you have logged in to SONA, but your password will initially be sent to your WSU email address. Also, even if you do change your email address in your SONA profile, you will always continue to log in using your AccessID. Finally, SONA may take a couple of days to set up an account for you and to email you your password, so be patient. Nothing is wrong! -- You should NOT attempt to set up additional accounts for yourself. This causes problems in SONA and you won't get the credits you deserve.

Make sure you're at waynepsych.sona-systems.com, not waynepsych.sona-system.com. It's a difference of just one little "s" but it's not the right page (it looks like it COULD be the right page, but it's not).

If you have missed more than one research appointment, you are locked out of the system for the remainder of the semester, and must get your extra credit by some other method. Speak to your instructor if you don't know what this alternate method is. Note that you also will not be allowed back into the system to reallocate your credits.

All participants are locked out of the system each semester at noon on Study Day. Access is granted again on the first day of the following semester.


Q. No, that's not it. I still can't get in (or I get in, but I don't see what I should see).

Try a different computer. We don't understand why (probably something to do with firewalls or other settings), but this often works.


Q. How do I tell SONA I have multiple classes? or Q. How do I change classes?

You can do this anytime. At initial log-in, when you're telling SONA what class you're in, you can select more than one by holding down the "Ctrl" or "Apple" key on your keyboard. This box is scrollable -- there are DOZENS of classes listed! You can also do this at any later time, by clicking "My Profile" and then "Change Courses." Now you're back at the same kind of screen as before. Just make sure you hold down the Ctrl or Apple key to select more than one class.


Q. How can I tell how my credits are currently assigned?

Click "My Schedule and Credits." There will be a summary box on that page telling you how many credits are assigned to each section and class. If it lists any (or all) of your credits as "Unassigned" or "Not Assigned," you should change that or they're just wasted. It might mean that you have not selected any classes -- see the previous question to fix that.


Q. How can I change how my credits are assigned?

If you are signed up for more than one class, you will see a link that says "Reassign" when you're looking at your credits. Click it and choose from among your classes. If you don't see that link, you are not signed up for multiple classes.


Q. I have been locked out for too many no-shows but want to reassign/reallocate my credits. How do I do this?

You can't.


Q. Can I use the credits that I didn't use last semester?

No. Credits can only be used during the semester in which they were earned. Credits and their course assignments are frozen at noon on Study Day. They are erased about a week later.


Q. Why can't I find my class section in the list?

If your course has a lab (Psy 1010 or Psy 3010), you need to choose the lab section rather than the lecture. Check with your lab TA if you do not know what section number you're in. (If this is not the problem, send an email to psychologyinfo@wayne.edu).

Q. Why can't my professor see my credits?

You selected the wrong course or section.


Q. An on-line study is listed but requires an invitation code. How do I get the code?

Some studies of this type specifically ask for you to contact them in order to get the code. Obviously if they want you to contact them, they will have given you instructions about how to do so -- See the Information page for that particular study.

However, for most invitation-code studies, invitation codes are sent to eligible participants. If you have not received a code, it means you are not eligible. Do not send the investigator emails; it will not help.



Q. Can you please un-do one of my no-shows?

Only if you actually did the experiment. Contact the experimenter who mistakenly gave you the no-show. If it was truly their error, they will reverse it. Please note, though, that if you failed to show up for your appointment but did not cancel it ahead of time, it does not matter how valid your excuse may be. Department policy is very clear on this -- you are supposed to cancel your appointment if you will not be able to show up.

We understand that true emergencies sometimes come up. That is why you are allowed one no-show without penalty. The second no-show means that you can no longer participate in research studies for the remainder of the semester.


Q. Why don't I have the number of credits or points I should have?

SONA credit totals are not automatically linked to Blackboard or other web sites, so your first order of business should be to check with your instructor. Then, if it does appear that there is a discrepancy, and if it is not past noon on Study Day, send an email to psychologyinfo@wayne.edu along with your name and all course and section numbers (the section numbers are crucial).

If it is after noon on Study Day, you are out of luck. Instructors and students are told to check this frequently throughout the semester, so that errors can be caught before Study Day.


Q. I want to assign/allocate my credits differently. Can I make changes to my credit allocation?

If it is after noon on Study Day, no. If you have been locked out for no-shows, no. Otherwise, yes.


Q. Why don't I see many studies when I log in?

Which studies show up in your list depends on several things: The number of studies being conducted currently; whether those studies have available time-slots; the requirements those studies may have; and whether or not you answered the pre-screen, and what your answers were. Studies will only show up in your list if you are eligible to sign up for them and if they have time-slots available.


Q. I sped through the pre-screen and answered some questions wrong. May I retake it?

No. The software only gives you one chance at this.


Q. I opted not to do the pre-screen but now I'd like to. May I take it?

No. The software only gives you one chance at this.

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