The Psychology Departmental Honors Program 


Through the Honors College students engage in independent research and participate in "hands on" psychological research projects with faculty and graduate students. Small honors classes promote active interaction among students and faculty. One of the major advantages of the honors program to students oriented toward graduate school is that students will receive the kind of personal attention and professional training that will maximize their chances of getting into graduate school and performing well once there. Satisfactory completion of the psychology honors curriculum will lead to a degree "With Honors in Psychology" inscribed on the diploma and on the transcript. 

Psychology Honors Requirements

  • Must establish and maintain a cumulative 3.3 overall GPA and a 3.5 cumulative GPA within the psychology major.
  • A minimum of 18 Honors credits comprised of the following:
    • PSY 4991– Honors Directed Study
    • PSY 4998 – Senior Thesis Seminar
    • PSY 5020 – Research Methods in Psychology Honors
    • One HON 4200- HON 4280 Honors Seminar offered through the Honors College
    • One Honors Course or Honors Options course within the Psychology major, taught by a full-time faculty member, cannot be PSY 4991
    • Other Honors credit can be obtained from any department.

*Please note: these requirements are in addition to other Psychology major requirements. They may be incorporated into the Major Plan of Work. Please meet with your Psychology Academic Advisor for further information about the Psychology Departmental Honors program.

For additional information, contact the Psychology Academic Advisors, or the Honors College Advisors.

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