Continued donations from our alumni and friends have given our students the opportunity to conduct research in state-of-the-art laboratories, travel to conferences to improve their training, present their research, and receive numerous awards and scholarships.

All of this has been made possible because of donations from individuals like yourself, and we would greatly appreciate your continued donations in support of these causes!

Tax-deductible donations can be made in several ways. Please be sure to specify the account you want your donation to go to. If you are uncertain which account to specify, choose "Research and Development" which can be used in place of all other non-named accounts. Thank you in advance for your support! All named accounts and account numbers are listed below.

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By Check

Please make your check payable to "Wayne State University" and indicate the account # and name in the memo line to ensure the checks go to the correct fund.

Wayne State University Gift Processing
Academic/Administration Building
5700 Cass Ave., Suite 1200
Detroit, MI 48202

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223811, Research & Development: Used for general support of undergraduate, graduate, department research and special events.

220985, Clinical Psychology Program and Psychology Clinic: Supports various educational and training experiences for students in the Clinical Psychology doctoral program.

220996, Psychology Excellence: Supports graduate student research and travel.

222841, Psychology Scholarship Fund-Graduate: Supports graduate student research.


For more information, including applying for and past winners of these awards, click on the individual named accounts below.

444086Charles Gdowski Memorial Fund: Defrays expenses of promising graduate students in the Clinical Psychology program.

447938Gerald Rosenbaum Endowed Graduate Training Scholarship in Clinical Psychology: This fund was established to recognize scholastic achievement, encourage continued progress, and provide assistance to students in financing their education in the Clinical Psychology Program.

444270John Teahan Memorial Fund: Honors one of our founding architects of our Clinical Training program. An award is given annually to a fourth-year graduate student in the Clinical Psychology program based on his or her potential for innovation in clinical psychology and contributions to solving real-world problems. Funds are running low. Therefore, new contributions would be grealy appreciated in order to carryon this award in memory of Professor John Teahan, an outstanding, highly dedicated clinician and teacher.

447642Julie A. Thomas Endowed Scholarhip Award: This scholarship fund was established to recognize scholastic achievement to encourage continued progress and provide assistance to students in financing their education in the Biopsychology area of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

447933Norine G. Johnson, Ph.D. Endowed Fund in Clinical Psychology: This fund was established to recognize scholastic achievement, to encourage continued progress, and to provide assistance to students in financing their education in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

445204Rodney Clark Memorial Fund for Excellence in Undergraduate Education: This fund is being established to honor Dr. Rodney Clark. Dr. Clark’s primary goal was promoting excellence in education, especially undergraduate education, through leadership, innovation, and motivation. Perhaps above all else, he believed in maintaining high standards for students, balanced with the willingness to provide resources to help them achieve this goal. The Rodney Clark Memorial Fund for Excellence in Undergraduate Education has been established to promote this goal through support of undergraduate research and the purchase of educational resources.

444715Ross and Margaret Stagner Memorial Fund: This fund was established to support outstanding graduate students who excel overall int heir teaching, research and service efforts. Through the generous donations of the Stagners' daughter, Dr. Rhea Stagner-Das, as well as contributions from past students and friends, this fund is now classified as an Endowment. We hope that matching donations can be obtained to bring this fund up to $20,000 in the next few years.

444650Sheldon Lachman Memorial Fund: Established in 1998, the proceeds of this fund are used to sponsor a distinguished guest lecturer in support of the honor undergraduates in our department who are members of the Psi Chi. Continued ondations will insure that this fitting honor to the memory of Professor Sheldon Lachman will continue.

444271Steven A. Lewis Award: Honors a brilliant young faculty member who was a leading light in our Social Psychology program. An award is given annually to a graduate student whose research in human psychology exemplifies the standards of excellence that Steven Lewis himself exhibited.

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