This program has a commitment to scholarship that is “applied”, “practice”, “public” or “engaged.”  Students will be trained in the translation of basic scholarship into various strategies and methods for addressing social problems. The SWAN is a joint doctoral program integrating a professional degree (MSW), and a doctorate in Social Work and a social science doctorate in Anthropology. The SWAN PhD program draws on the strengths of these disciplines to create a single doctorate degree. With a global and urban emphasis, the SWAN PhD will be looked to as an educational model integrating doctoral level social science training with professional applied skills and concepts.

This degree integrates the strengths of anthropology and social work in the following areas:

  • Ethnographic method
  • Interdisciplinary Theoretical and Practical Approaches to Social Problems
  • Professional Applied Skills

The degree requirements draw from coursework in each field.

SWAN provides a key integrative Seminar in Anthropology and Social Work.

Students will have mentors from each field

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