Associate Dean Heather Dillaway discusses the AGRADE program.

Contact Information

Undergraduate Advisor:
Stacie Moser

Graduate Advisor:
Krista M. Brumley, PhD



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Cut time and cost of Graduate school – start now!

Earn your Master’s Degree simultaneously with your Bachelor’s Degree with AGRADE.

What is AGRADE?
Accelerated Graduate Enrollment (AGRADE) Program provides the opportunity for top students to enroll simultaneously in our undergraduate and graduate programs. Students can apply a maximum of 16 credits towards both an undergraduate and graduate degree in the student's major field. Therefore, students who elect the AGRADE program may expect to complete their Bachelor's and Master's degrees in five years of full-time study. 
How Does it Work?
Students may elect a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of sixteen (16) AGRADE credit hours. These will be used to complete your Bachelor’s Degree as well as to serve as the beginning of graduate study.  These credits are billed at the undergraduate tuition rate.   Upon formal admission to our Master's degree program, AGRADE courses are treated as if they were graduate credits transferred from a graduate program at another university.  The remaining graduate credits required for the Master's degree will be earned in the usual manner following formal admission to the graduate program.
When Should I Apply?
Apply for the AGRADE Program during the semester that you will earn 90 credit hours toward your undergraduate degree, typically during your junior year.
Who is Eligible?
You must have an overall GPA in the top 20th percentile of the senior class (Cum Laude) but no less than a 3.6 GPA in your major at the time of application.
What do I need?
1. An up-to-date WSU transcript must be submitted with AGRADE application. 
2. AGRADE plan of work must be on file no later than the 2nd week of classes for new applicants.
How to Apply?
Talk to our Academic Advisor, Stacie Moser, to confirm your eligibility and develop your plan. Then make an appointment with our Graduate Director, Krista Brumley.   It’s never too early to start thinking about AGRADE. Develop an undergraduate plan that will allow you the ability to take these courses in your senior year.




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