Major requirements   

Minor requirements   


4-Year Degree   



Major Requirements

Sociology majors must complete at least 34 credits in sociology.

Sociology majors must complete the following core requirements*:

Sociology 2000Introduction to Sociology3 credits
Sociology 3300Social Inequality4 credits
Sociology 4050Basic Social Theory4 credits
Sociology 4200Methods: Social Research4 credits
Sociology 4220Social Statistics4 credits
Sociology 4996Capstone Course **#4 credits
At least  11 Sociology elective credits11 credits
 34 Total Credits

*You need to earn a “C” grade or better in all required courses and a “C-“ grade or better in all elective courses for the sociology major.

**Before enrolling in Sociology 4996, students must have completed all five other required courses for the major. After you have completed the first five required courses, you may email Stacie Moser (Academic Advisor) to get permission to enroll in this last required course.

#Students majoring in sociology are encouraged to take ENG 3010 as their Intermediate Composition requirement and receive a grade of ‘C’ or better prior to enrolling in SOC 4996. 



Minor Requirements 

Sociology minors must complete at least 20 credits in sociology.

Sociology minors must complete the following core requirements:


Sociology 2000Introduction to Sociology3 credits
Sociology 4050Basic Social Theory4 credits
Sociology 4200Methods:Social Research4 credits
At least 9 Sociology elective credits9 credits
 20 Total Credits

*You need to earn a “C” grade or better in all required core courses and a “C-“ grade or better in all elective courses for the sociology minor.


To Find Out More about the Sociology Major or Minor or What to Do with Your Sociology Degree After Graduation, Please Contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Sociology.


Courses that Count as Electives for Major or Minor


SOC 2020 Social Problems    

SOC 2050 The Study of Non-Violence                    

SOC 2100 Topics in Sociology   (max 9 cr.)

                   Recent Topics: Sociology of Everyday Life and Sociology of Detroit

SOC 2500 Introduction to Urban Studies     

SOC 2600 Race and Racism:  America         

SOC 3300 Social Inequality (elective for the minor only)

SOC 3350 Religion & Social Activism                     

SOC 3400 Exploring Marriage & Other Intimate Relationships

SOC 3440 American Medicine in the Twentieth Century

SOC 3510 The Nature and Impact of Population on Society           

SOC 3820 Criminology                                 

SOC 3840 Corrections           

SOC 3990 Directed Study   (max 6 cr.)

SOC 3991 Directed Study: Salford-WSU Exchange (Study Abroad students only)

SOC 4100 Social Psychology            

SOC 4220 Computing Applications in the Social Sciences (elective for the minor only)

SOC 4245 Blacks & Sport in the US

SOC 4360 Women and Health                      

SOC 4460 Women in Society            

SOC 4600 Internship in Sociology

SOC 4800 Outsiders and Deviants   

SOC 5010 Selected Sociological Topics

                  Recent Topics: Gender, Work & Globalization/Sociology of Immigration/Sociology of Labor

SOC 5360 Introduction to Medical Sociology          

SOC 5400 The Family                       

SOC 5410 Marriage and Family Problems                

SOC 5500 Urban and Metropolitan Living

SOC 5540 Urban Anthropology                    

SOC 5570 Race Relations in Urban Society 

SOC 5700 Seminar in Social Inequalities      

SOC 5760 Society and Aging                       

SOC 5810 Law in Human Society    

SOC 5830 Juvenile Delinquency                   

SOC 5870 Violence in the Family     

NOTE: Course offerings vary per semester, and therefore some of these courses may not be taught every semester or even every year. Other courses may be taught in place of some of the courses on this list. Thus students should refer to the current semester’s catalog of undergraduate sociology courses to see what electives are being taught. Remember that students must take at least 11 credits of electives to receive a sociology major!     


Undergraduate Bulletin

For more information about the undergraduate program in Sociology, please consult the Undergraduate Bulletin.          

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