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Funding Opportunities

The RISE Scholarship gives students an opportunity to earn money for research.

“To me, the purpose of research is to follow your curiosity. Regardless of what career you want, being curious and conducting research will help you in your endeavors. It helps you to gain a deeper understanding of the way the world works, and to take your education beyond the walls of the classroom."
Mukund Mohan
Economics major

Kaitlin Carter, senior anthropology student, works alongside assistant professor Julie Lesnik to educate people about entomophagy, or the practice of eating insects.

"While in the lab, I created a new strain of Vibrio cholerae by altering its DNA. Now that I'm in more advanced chemistry labs, I realize how that early research gave me a tremendous head start"
— Riane Dixon
Biochemistry major

Each discovery in (my research) was exciting, because I realized it could guide public health practitioners in creating culturally sensitive anti-obesity interventions for African-American youth.
—  Isabell Groves
Public health major

“Wayne State offers a tremendous amount of research opportunities, but taking advantage of them is what really sets you apart."
—  Andrew Camilleri
Environmental sciences major

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