The Wayne State Student Urban Planners (WSSUP) is an association of Graduate and Undergraduate students interested in issues related to urban planning. WSSUP provides a forum for conversation, collaboration and innovation amongst students from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, and interests ranging from urban agriculture and design to economic development and housing equality. WSSUP’s goal is connect WSU students with resources and opportunities within and outside the university.

We’ve achieved these goals through the years by hosting guest speakers, attending conferences and networking events, collaborating with local organizations to provide technical assistance, and organizing other volunteer opportunities. Though the explicit actions of WSSUP have allowed students, faculty and community members to benefit greatly, it is the intrinsic connections that provide the greatest value to WSSUP members. These connections remain with WSSUP amongst members who have gone on to become high ranking planners, community leaders and development professionals.

Contact: Tyler Shelton, Chair, | Facebook

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