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Joint museum exhibit opens in Spain

Date: 6/18/2018
Link: www.museuvalenciaetnologia.es/en/content/beyond-hollywood-american-indian-identities

Grosscup Museum of Anthropology and Valencian Museum of Ethnology to Open Joint Exhibition in Spain

On June 28th, 2018 the Gordon L. Grosscup Museum of Anthropology will open a new, jointly curated exhibition at the Valencian Museum of Ethnology (VME) in Valencia, Spain, entitled “Beyond Hollywood: American Indian Identities.” The idea for the exhibition took shape during a Fall 2016 Museum Studies class (ANT 5600) that was team-taught by Dr. Tamara Bray, Professor of Anthropology at Wayne State University, and visiting professor, Dr. Joan Segui, of the VME. In addition to student input and participation on this project, the exhibition is also a collaborative endeavor with the Ziibiwing Cultural Center of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe and the Cranbrook Institute of Science.
The initial idea for this exhibition centered on deconstructing stereotypes of Native American peoples for a European audience. As it took shape, the exhibition evolved into an exploration of different ways of knowing and telling, contrasting traditional western and museographic representations of Indian people with Native views on identity and objects.
“One of the important features of this exhibition,” notes Dr. Tamara Bray, “is showing how Native cultures, like all cultures, are continually changing yet also continue to carry forward their inherited traditions. Another interesting feature of the exhibition is that it is presented in three languages--Spanish, Catalan, and English--which is standard practice for the VME given its location and mission."
The exhibition “Beyond Hollywood: American Indian Identities” will run at the VME from late June until December 2nd.  
 exhibit title for 'Beyond Hollywood', showing title in English, Spanish and Catalan.  A film reel of static looking photos of Native Americans in sepia tones is on the left side, and a vibrant multicolor image of an older Native person with their fist raised in defiance is on the right side
Valencia Museum of Ethnology
Carrer de la Corona, 36, 46003 València, Spain
For more information about this exhibition, please contact Dr. Tamara Bray.