Site Name:

Gaskill Site, AKA Peters Site

Accession No.:


Site No.:


Excavated By:

Arnold Pilling, Jerry DeVisscher (?)

Excavation Year:


Site Description:

This is the NW corner of Utica Road and 16 mile road intersection. Site has since been destroyed by road work.


  • Cracked rock

  • Ceramic Fragments from surface collections

  • Bones

Cat. Nos.:

1W318356-1W318395; 1W234980-1W234999; 1W159529-1W157833; 1W157068-1W157223; 1W157548; 1W157545-1W157547; 1W156200-1W156256; 1W156000-1W156095; 1W156257-1W156635; 1W210991-1W211026; 1W210868-1W210939; 1W210464-1W210418; 1W211354-1W211396; 1W211330-1W211343; 1W211153; 1W211212; 14W211213-1W211279; 1W211027-1W211074; 1W210966-1W210980; 1W210296-1W210384; 1W318356-1W318395; 1W210419-1W210485; 1W210940-1W210945; 1W205164; 1W157224; 1W157225; 1W157434; 1W157142; 1W156096-1W156116; 1W156970-1W157058; 1W157562; 1W151544; 1W157529; 1W157536; 1W157452; 1W157453; 1W157413; 1W157564; 1W157528; 1W157059-1W157062; 1W157339-1W157535; 1W156127-1W156199

Published References:



There are no field notes for this site. Most of the catalog numbers for the cracked rock belong to catalog sheets that are missing from the files. T he exceptions are the numbers 1W318356 through 1W318395.
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