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Historic Ceramics - Earthenware with green lead glaze (1W267118); Earthenware with black lead glaze (1W267091); Blue edged pearlware (1W267110); Hand painted pearlware, early polychrome (1W267106); Rockingham Ware (1W267065); Purple transfer print (1W390105)

Prehistoric Ceramics - Wayne corded punctate, rim sherd (top right - 1W262955); Riviere au vase ware tool impressed, rim sherd (bottom right - 1W382867+1W383233); Incised body sherd (top left - 1W383222); Wayne cord marked, body sherd (bottom left - 1W262947)

?Clay Pipes

Clay Pipes - Bowl Fragment (1W265174); Bowl Fragment (1W265118); Stem Fragment (1W26411)


Glass - Aqua tinted bottle glass (1W264280); Colorless flat glass (1W272034); Colorless bottle glass (1W380964)


Metal Artifacts - Ring (1W265127); Blade (1W272036); Nails (1W272062-1W272065)

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