Hillock Site

Site Name:

Hillock Site ( aka Old Meldrum house, Rodgers and Cotton Rds. Rodgers Area, Rogers Property)

WSUMA Accession Nos.:

39, 42, 43, 44, 58, 61, 63, 64, 77, 88, 105, 117, 120, 127, 161, 167, 1287, 1559

Site No.:


Excavated By:

Arnold Pilling and his students

Excavation Year(s):


Site Description:

The site is located in Macomb County at Rogers road across from addresses 47160-47164, and 100 meters west of Cotton Road on the north shore of Au Vase Creek . The site is approximately100 by 50 feet, and is located in a wheat field. It is owned by Jasper Hillock and had previously been part of the Meldrum estate. Nearby sites include Mrs. Grahms's (20MB3), the Green School (20MB25), the Bronkowski Farm (20MB326) and Kopling Driveway (20MB66) and 20MB33. The site was formally excavated in the late 1950's and early 1960's by Arnold Pilling and his students.


  • Ceramics:

    • Historic: Hand painted polychromatic and mono-chromatic
    • Pre-Historic: Corded Wayneware
  • Bones

  • Metal:

    • Large spikes
  • Misc.:

    • Fire cracked rock and lithics

Cat. Nos.:  

9W0139, 9W020-9W028, 9W030-9W031, 9W051-9W054, 9W151-9W155, 9W884, 9W879, 1W15368-1W15377, 1W18955-1W18999, 1W19401-1W19403, 1W19484-1W19555, 1W19598-1W19685, 1W19701-1W19713, 1W19842-1W19900, 1W19940-1W19959, 1W19961-1W19964, 1W23859-1W23860, 1W23867-1W23868, 1W23871-1W23924, 1W24154-1W24172, 1W24200-1W24312, 1W24817-1W24973, 1W24990-1W25000, 1W25090-1W25099, 1W25146-1W25399, 1W25501-1W25584, 1W26234-1W26301, 1W26347-1W26350, 1W33551-1W33559, 1W34001-1W34054, 1W35439-1W35449, 1W35475-1W35629, 1W35650-1W35661, 1W40484-1W40485, 1W41558-1W41599, 1W41669-1W41697, 1W42001-1W42500, 1W48001-1W48019, 1W104590-1W104708, 1W105434-1W105594, 1W105651-1W105707, 1W105802-1W105909, 1W106662-1W106693, 1W109469-1W109500, 1W116248-1W116905, 1W181559-1W181790, 1W181795-1W181801, 1W182094-1W182161, 1W182400-1W182410, 1W182490-1W182740, 1W182968-1W182992, 1W183167-1W183207, 1W183799-1W183833, 1W184060-1W184145, 1W184237-1W184272, 1W184865-1W184943, 1W184975-1W185016, 1W185022-1W185106, 1W185534-1W185535, 1W185560-1W185639, 1W185742-1W185752, 1W215429-1W215445, 1W216188-1W216500, 1W216549-1W216590, 1W219151-1W219234, 1W219701-1W219845, 1W411337-1W411339

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