Joe Louis Arena

Site Name:

Joe Louis Arena (aka Cobo Arena)

WSUMA Accession Nos.:


Site No.:


Excavated By: 

Stephen Demeter, Gilbert/Commonwealth, Jackson, MI

Excavation Year(s):


Site Description:

The Joe Louis Arena site was excavated in 1979 by Gilbert/Commonwealth. The site is unusual because it includes the remains of the Johnson Hotel with an intact kitchen. This hotel burned to the ground in 1853. In addition, the site was the trash depository of a bakery in the 1850's.


  • Ceramics:

    • Earthenware
    • Whiteware (both blue transfer and blue sponge print)
    • Porcelain
  • Clay Pipes:

    • sherds
  • Faunal Remains:

    • mammal bone and shell
  • Glass:

    • bottle and window glass sherds,
  • Nail fragments

Cat. Nos.:

1W427901 - 1W428874, 1W429173 - 1W429194


  • Demeter, C. Stephan (unknown year) “The Joe Louis Arena Site: A Material Cultural View of 19th Century Detroit .” In Detroit in Perspective.
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