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Feather-edged Pearlware - Blue (1W477792, 1W478994, 1W477794 & 1W478167); Green (1W477802, 1W477801 & 1W477803)

Handpainted Polychromes - Late Gaudy Dutch (1W477813); Early Gaudy Dutch (1W477744); Middle Gaudy Dutch (1W478093); Early Gaudy Dutch (1W477745); Delft (1W477747)

Other Ceramics - Spatterware (1W477808); Blue and White Faience (1W478072); Yellow Banded Earthenware (1W477829); Saltglazed Stoneware (1W479003); Glazed Earthenware (1W478065)

Transfer Prints - Polychrome (1W477811); Red (1W477769); Black (1W477758); Purple (1W477766); Brown (1W477763); Blue (1W478131)

Faunal Remains

Bos taurus

Faunal - Bone Ornament Inlay (1W478074); Fish scale (1W478963)

Odocoileus virginianus

Worked Bone


Glass - Olive Glass (1W477927); Amber Glass (1W477925); Colorless Glass (1W477922); Window Glass (1W478439)


Metal - Copper/Brass Cleat (1W478006); Copper Sheeting (1W478016); Square Cut Nail (1W479047); Brass Gun Furnishing (1W478864); Brass Button (1W478863); Thimble (1W479049); Straight Pins (1W479045)


Pipes - Pipe Bowl and Stems (1W477741-1W477743); Pipe Bowl Fragment (1W478047)


Lithics - Gunflints (1W478021-27); Whetstone (1W479049)

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