Trials, Tragedy & Resilliance


This exhibit focuses on the history and archaeology of the Caribbean island of Montserrat on the 250th anniversary of the attempted St. Patrick’s Day slave uprising that took place there.  Dr. Krysta Ryzewski, associate professor of Anthropology at Wayne State University, has been participating in archaeological research on Montserrat since 2010, along with several of her students.


First inhabited by Amerindian peoples around 4,000 years ago, Montserrat has been home to many different cultural groups. Some of these groups freely migrated to Montserrat, while others, like enslaved Africans, were brought against their will during the plantation era. Lasting contributions from Amerindian, African, Irish, and British inhabitants survive in aspects of life on the island. 

March 17, 2018 is the 250th anniversary of the St. Patrick's Day slave uprising on Montserrat.  In commemoration of this event, the Montserrat National Trust organized this multi-sited international exhibition on the history and cultures of the island. 

The exhibition, which is running concurrently at the Montserrat National Trust, Wayne State University, Brown University and Aarhus University (Denmark), was co-designed by Sarita Francis, OBE, Director of the Montserrat National Trust, and Krysta Ryzewski, associate professor of anthropology at Wayne State University. 

Trials, Tragedy and Resilliance is on exhibit in the central hallway of Old Main, just outside the primary exhibit hall of the Anthropology Museum.  The exhibit will be on display through the end of the Winter term, 2018. The exhibit is accessible any time the building is open.


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