Moross House

Site Name:

Moross House

WSUMA Accession Nos.:

819, 1141

Site No.:


Excavated By:

Gordon Grosscup (with WSU field school (1969); Stephen Demeter and Charles Martinez (1973))

Excavation Year(s):

1969; April 7, 1973 .

Site Description:

The Moross House is located on the south side of Jefferson Ave, west of Riopelle Street at 1460 East Jefferson. There are both surface and excavated (trench) materials in the collection accessioned from Grosscup in 1969. A surface collection of the backyard made on April 7 th , 1973 is also housed at WSUMA. The area excavated had apparently been used as a dump when a neighboring house was demolished and a new building was constructed in its place.


  • Ceramics:

    • common yellow ware
    • Transferware (blue, red, brown)
    • Red clay pottery
    • Dark blue flow
    • Blue edgeware
    • Earthenware (red, white, cream and buff)
    • Rockinghamware
    • Stoneware
    • Mochaware
    • Porcelain
  • Clay pipe: fragments

Cat. Nos.:

1W220301-1W220454, 1W213577-1W214000, 1W236904-1W236952, 1W117001-1W119972


  • Description of artifacts uncovered, includes cat numbers and types of ceramics. Unpublished manuscript on file at WSU Museum of Anthropology. [# 11W468]
  • Newspaper clippings and a very brief (2 page) report on the excavations. Unpublished manuscript on file at WSU Museum of Anthropology. [# 11W494]
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