The Gordon L. Grosscup Museum of Anthropology is located at 4841 Cass Avenue, Detroit, MI. It is situated in the main hallway of the first floor of Old Main, which may be entered either from Cass Avenue or from the driveway off of Second Avenue. See the WSU campus map for a visual aid. Metered parking is located along the streets surrounding the museum.

Museum phone: 313-577-2598

Museum email:

The Museum of Anthropology exhibits are hosted in our 1500 sq. ft. gallery, Old Main, Room 1227. The Archaeology Lab is outfitted with binocular and polarizing microscopes, thin-sectioning equipment, a kiln for ceramic analyses, photographic and reproduction equipment, computers and scanner, and surveying, mapping, and drafting equipment and software. The Anthropology library has a substantial collection of books on Michigan History, general archaeology, and Latin America; various series of local and trade journals; and a collection of anthropology-related videos. Wayne State students and faculty utilize the Museum spaces for conducting research, hosting public and academic events, and instruction in archaeology, museum studies, and anthropology. 



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