Robert's Landing

Site Name:

Robert's Landing

WSUMA Accession Nos.:

363, 367, 505, 506, 531, 569

Site No.:


Excavated By:

A. Leonard Kroon, Arnold Pilling, Arnoldy, Johnson

Excavation Year(s):

1961, 1964, 1965, 1966

Site Description:

Robert's Landing in Marine City , St. Clair County has operated as a point of immigration to the United States since 1917. The site is located between River Road and the Saint Clair River on the beach adjacent to the ferry landing and Roberts Landing. This collection is the result of surface collections on the beach by Leonard Kroon, who donated the materials to WSUMA.


  • Ceramics:

    • Prehistoric:Wayneware
    • Historic: iron ware, stoneware, porcelain
  • Faunal Remains

  • Glass

  • Lithics:

    • flint debitage
    • net weights
    • worked shale
    • flint cores
  • Metal:

    • Marlinspike
    • lock

Cat. Nos.:

1W15416-1W15423, 1W114072-1W114392, 1W107033-1W107034, 1W213489-1W213490


10W551, 10W1058

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