Roosevelt Park is located in Detroit, Michigan and is in front of the ruins of the Michigan Central Train Station (MCS) closed in 1988. Excavations at Roosevelt Park have been part of Dr. Ryzewski's Archaeological Field Methods Class (ANT5280) in 2012, 2014, and 2016. The class examines the material culture remains of these communities during later laboratory analysis in order to understand the wider economic shifts of this landscape. The general public is welcome to attend Open Archaeology Day at Roosevelt Park, held each fall in October. 

Select students have analyzed the faunal remains left behind at Roosevelt Park. These can include cows, sheep, rats, dogs, and cats. The study of faunal remains, or zooarchaeology, can tell researchers more about what people ate, how culture affected the quantity or availability of food (especially meat), and which animals were domesticated. Studying faunal remains are important for a complete understanding of how people lived at Roosevelt Park.

Be sure to check out excavation progress and updates through the Roosevelt Park Blog.

Brendan analyzing the faunal remains to identify their taxonomy.


A sample of faunal remains from Roosevelt Park.

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