Site Name: Sheridan Place

WSUMA Accession Nos.: 1468

Site No.: 20WN326

Excavated By: Stephen Demeter

Excavation Year(s): July-August 1980

Site Description:

The Sheridan Place Site is located in Hamtramck between Jefferson Ave., East Congress, Sheridan and Baldwin. It covers an area of 2 blocks. It has 3 features, including a building foundation, trash pit, and privy deposit. Sheridan Place Site was recorded during a salvage project associated with urban renewal.


  • Brick
  • Ceramics : (Late 19 th early 20 th century)
    • White paste wares; Redware; Stoneware; Porcelain (doll parts, door knob); buttons
  • Clay smoking pipes
  • Glass: bottle glass and sherds (clear and colored), glass from lamp fixtures
  • Metal:
    • harness buckle, axe head, metal roofing material, tin can lid, copper Indian Head penny, Shield nickel, brass plated wick holder, copper pin, brass bracket, tubular brass hood, 10 keyed harmonica, twisted strand of lead solder, pewter wheel (part of a child's toy)
  • Stone:
    • slate (writing board and 3 pencils), graphite (black lead pencil), fragmentary sheet of mica, limestone, 2 marbles
  • Misc .: hemp cordage, oak barrel tap, clothes pin, and shell buttons

Cat. Nos.: 1W343005-1W343702


  • Demeter, C. S., “Archaeological Investigations at the Sheridan Place
  • Development Site.” Unpublished manuscript on file at WSU Museum of Anthropology. [#11W333]
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