Site Name:

Smokler (aka Elmwood Park South)

WSUMA Accession Nos.:

468, 469

Site No.:


Excavated By:

(Visited by Arnold Pilling and Gordon Grosscup)

Excavation Year(s):

September 13 and 15, 1966.

Site Description:

Smokler is located on Monroe Street, 1 block north of Lafayette Street between DuBois and St. Aubin Street. An urban renewal building project uncovered wooden water pipes. Pilling and Grosscup salvaged some of the pipes and also did a surface collection of ceramic sherds.


  • Ceramics:

    • Surface collection of sherds (1855-1860)
  • Glass:

    • bottle glass
  • Wood:

    • Wooden water pipes and pipe tab

Cat. Nos.:

  • 1W42312-1W42339, 1W151630-1W151665, 1W151642-1W151643, 1W151645-1W151649, 1W151657-1W151662, 1W138835


  • Description of archaeologists (Pilling and Grosscup) involvement in salvaging a few artifacts before construction was completed. Includes drawings of pipes in the ground before they were removed. Unpublished manuscript on file at WSU Museum of Anthropology. [#11W466]
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