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Annularware (1W432461)

Black Transferware

Blue Spatterware Basin (1W432354)

Blue Transferware (1W434405, 1W434345, 1W432486 & 1W434344)

Chinese Creamware with Decal or Transfer on Top of the Glaze (1W730293)

Creamware with Decals (1W394207)

Feather Edged Creamware (1W434397)

Handtinted Blue Transferware (1W434407)

Handpainted Polychrome (1W434355 & 1W434400)

Handpainted Polychrome Plate (1W434402 & 1W434399)

Italian Polychrome

Japanese Decal - Noritake

Lustreware (1W434341)

Orange Fiestaware (1W433223)

Redware with Decoration (1W432470)

Rockinghamware (1W432460 & 1W394223)

Royal Doulton Makers Mark

Royal Doulton Plate

Russel Wright by Steubenville Bowl (1W434364)


Russel Wright Makers Mark

Stoneware Crock (1W394234)

Yellowware (1W394226)



Amber Glass (Kinsey Whisker, Joe Siegert, Small Meds Bottle)

Bottle Stopper (1W434035)

Clear Glass Bottles (1W435628 & 1W435626)

Cobalt Blue Pressed Glass - Philips Bottle (1W433400)

Decorative Pressed Glass (1W394231)

Frosted White Glass (1W435166-67)

Green Glass Bottles (1W433287, 1W433291, 1W433297, 1W433299 & 1W433300)

Milk Glass (1W434327)

Milk Glass - Cosmetics (1W433274 & 1W433394)

Painted Glass Kitchenware (1W432144-49)

Pressed Glass Kitchenware

Pressed Glass Kitchenware 2

Safety Glass (1W430251)

Small Glass Bottles (1W435571, 1W435573, 1W435575, 1W435578 & 1W435579)

Textured Glass Soda Bottles (1W435616 & 1W435613)



Coffee Pot (1W426260)

Sterling Silver Spoon Makers Mark (1W426520)

Metal Flatware (1W434328, 1W435171 & 1W426520)


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