Tucker House

Site Name:

Tucker House (aka Old Tucker House, Tucker's Indian Fort)

WSUMA Accession Nos.:

Site No.:

20MB10 (aka MB-H-15 House), 20MB3 (Prehistoric Earthwork)

Excavated By:

Arnold Pilling

Excavation Year(s):

Mid – 1960's

Site Description:

The Old Tucker House is located at 29020 Riverbank Road Mt. Clemons, MI 48045. Mr. William Tucker acquired the property from local Native Americans (possibly the Chippewa) in 1780. A copy of the 1780 deed (11W97) is in the possession of the Museum of Anthropology . Although the deed is dated 1780 the first structure, a log cabin, was not built until 1784. Local accounts place the log cabin about 4 feet in front of the the Old Tucker House which was built after the conclusion of the Revolutionary War in 1796. There is no precise date for the construction of this house. During the mid-1960's Dr. Arnold Pilling and students from Wayne State University conducted excavations at the Old Tucker House.

There is also a Native American Earthwork (20-MB-4) on the Tucker property known locally as “Tucker's Indian Fort”. Although the structure no longer exists, Pilling was able to locate it using ethnohistorical accounts and aerial photographs. It is located on the east bank of the Clinton River where the river makes a sharp north turn, just to the west of Riverbank Rd. and slightly south of Old N. River Rd. No prehistoric artifacts of note have been recovered from this site.


  • Ceramics

    • Crock sherds
    • Transferware (red, blue)
    • Blue edgeware
    • Whiteware
    • Beeswax glazed redware
    • and a variety of pastes, patterns, and application techniques
  • Construction Materials:

    • red brick fragment
  • Faunal Remains:

    • misc. teeth
  • Glass:

    • clear bottle glass
    • wine glass (pink w/ green stem)
    • moulded pink glass pitcher
    • brown bottle glass
    • green bottle glass
    • clear and green glass jars
    • flat yellow glass
    • clear window glass
  • Metal:

    • coffee pot and lid (tin?)
    • hook
    • nail
    • hand wrought iron hinges (about 2' long)
    • pintal (iron)
  • Wood:

    • oak beam
    • oak lintel
    • pine board

Cat. Nos.:

1W411285-1W411336, 1W447143-1W447199, 1W447001


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Map of the Tucker House area

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